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  • Bob Kaplan - Consistently rude customer support

    While I was not particularly pleased having to go through all those steps with GValidate, once I did get the program working it was ok. However, I would NEVER buy anything from VersaCheck again. On two different occasions, separated by at least one year, I had to make several calls to their customer support. The first time was to initially setup my program. The second was when I moved to a new PC. On each occasion I probably had to call there 3-4 times before I could get the program working. On each occasion I got a different person answering my call. While they were all different people, they ALL shared in the same attitude. They were ALL horribly rude!! Surely, this must be something they are taught by their management as it cannot be a coincidence.

  • Amazon Customer - Love my KBands

    Love my KBands! Combined with the Duos's, I can get a great workout at my own pace. Taking advantage of resistance against my quads has really increased by fitness.

  • Shirley-TX - but I am on day five and it looks like it will last even longer than when I used ...

    I was hoping for the 5-star results others have had, but I am on day five and it looks like it will last even longer than when I used Abreva for a cold sore a few months ago. That one lasted about a week from sore bump to finally healed.

  • RaulBooBear - Black/Black/Black (XL)

    No videos or measuring will help you see just how big the XL size Messenger Bag is. It is huge. The main reason I bought the XL size bag was to fit my large 17-inch laptop. It took me a while to find a bag that would fit my laptop. I just put my laptop in a cushioned sleeve and it fits snug inside the laptop compartment.

  • Zemin Hu - Nice review book

    I bought this book for my son for a quick review. He did some (not all) of the practice tests in the book for a week, and took the GRE test a week ago, he got perfect score for QR part and 93% on VR part, no score for AW yet. I trust this is good book.

  • Renee - I have used this product on both my kids. ...

    I have used this product on both my kids. This has been the only product that assisted in healing my kiddos bums. My oldest has hip dysplasia and always had stool in her diaper. Once we found this product we never looked back. This helped heal her bum when it was so broke down she screamed when we laid her down because she knew what was coming. My second while in Nicu her bum also was broke down to the point of bleeding. Once we got her home we started using this and it took a bit to clear up but it worked where as everything else hadn't.