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  • Amazon Customer - Great Buy!

    My nephews love this puzzle. They put it together over and over as they watch the show. The pieces are really big, which they love because they didn't need help.

  • Nana - Very poor quality elliptical stepper.

    Have owned a Sole E25 Elliptical stepper for 2 years and had noting but problems with it. We have been unable to use it for about 45% of the time we've owned it! We never had a service person come to our home because of our somewhat remote location. Thus, when we had a problem and called Sole, they guessed at what was wrong, sent us replacement parts and my husband spent hours tearing it apart and putting it back together. Very poorly designed and constructed. Would NEVER recommend this stepper to anyone!

  • Meowcat - Just ok - short battery life and no viewfinder.

    I kind of wish we had just bought a regular video camera. The size is indeed tiny, but the lack of viewfinder and very short battery life are definitely negatives. There is no acceptable alternative if you're doing, like, underwater shark diving or hang gliding or something, but for regular family or walking around or event stuff this is not the best option.

  • John Khamis Hesar - exact part, thank you for page search information section ...

    exact part ,thank you for page search information section ,unless that part is not the same page is not give the green OK to buyer.

  • Jack L. Murray - Quicken Rental Property Manager Review update

    I am a Quicken Beta tester and have just completed the beta test for Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010. I found the program to be trouble free from the start of the test and improved from last years version even though the 2009 program was excellent in handling rental property management finances. The 2010 program allows the creation of reports and information in just about any form you desire.