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Methadone - Addiction - Recovery - Medical Assisted Treatment consists of a group of highly-motivated compassionate methadone advocates. Most-comprehensive-website on methadone. If you are serious about needing help this is the place to come. They stay open 24/7 just because they care about you. Compassionate advocates are waiting to answer your questions now, encourage you, help you locate a treatment center and if nothing else , just listen to you. If you cannot afford to call, send them an email, leaving your name, number and the best time to call and they will call you at their expense. Give them a chance- you wont regret it!

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  • Victor in Chicago - The best power bank I've found

    I'm very happy with this Blitzwolf power bank. I used to have a power bank that was around 20,000 mAh. It took 12-15 hours to charge and charged my phone in around 3 hours. This power bank from Blitzwolf gets charged up in a couple hours and charges my Droid Turbo's 3900 mAh battery in around one hour. For some reason, it seems to charge my phone faster than my Blitzwolf wall charger. So, I'm very pleased with this purchase. Also, this power bank feels solidly built and looks stylish. Now, if only Blitzwolf will make a power bank that has a larger capacity. So far, I get 2-3 charges on my Motorola Droid Turbo. I'd like a power bank that'll give me 5-10 charges. But, I'm not complaining. I'm still very pleased with my purchase of this one.

  • CBPfromTN - Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil***AMAZING!

    I purchased Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil from Amazon after using my sister's Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil for a while to see if I could tolerate it. After I used hers for a couple of weeks, I purchased my own. I have to say it tastes awful, at first I would stand at the counter and work up the courage to take it, but I eventually figured out how to take it without any problems with the taste. I simply toss my head back and put the teaspoon towards the back of my mouth/tongue and pour the oil out of the spoon and that's it. It does still have the peppery type burn in my throat but since it doesn't touch my tongue, there's no taste! Now for the GREAT part. My blood pressure had become borderline and my doctor had told me that it (140/92) was too high and I needed to check it every day and come back in a month. I didn't go back after a month, but I did check it. I am checking it every day and it has gone down to 111/74!! Sometimes it's even a little bit lower!

  • Sherry S. Clark - Bad instructions

    Badly written (translated instructions leave me still trying to figure out how to effectively record.

  • Rusty West - Works pretty well

    I like it but was not aware it was just a one year subscription. Might not have bought it if I had known. SuperAntispyware and LavaSoft are both free and do almost as well. PC Matic won't get rid of api.mybrowserbar.com or the new ransomeware.

  • Dave - This isn't "Prime"

    I just received the Rabbit TV device. First; if you bought it from Amazon be ready to get technical assistance to find your "user I.D." And GOOD LUCK finding how to get TO the assistance. Many of the movies offered in the menu don't really exist. Take my advice...YOU ARE MUCH BETTER-OFF SUBSCRIBING TO AMAZON PRIME. Free shipping PLUS all those great movies in the bargin.

  • Lewis B Robinson - A must for Honda Accord Owners from 2008-2012

    Really awesome upgrade to the 2008- 2012 accord line. I looked on YouTube to see other people installing it, and I tried it myself. Took me a few hours buts its not that hard. I did get a customs place to put in a wired backup camera for me, because doing that was a bit much for me. Love the unit, and it makes my 2011 accord feel really premium.

  • hipslap - Nothing But Problems

    Do not buy this if you have an investment account that you do banking through (ie money market w/ debit card/check writing). Quicken doesn't recognize any banking transactions that occur through my investment account. It only tracks traditional checking and savings accounts. Because I do the majority of my banking through my investment account, all of the useful features of Quicken, such as automated bill tracking and budgeting, do not function.