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Medi-Link - marine medical supplies in Singapore, marine medical supplies specialist, medicine, first aid supplies, surgical & emergency equipment, hospital furniture required on board ships, oil rigs, and offshore industrial sites - Medi-Link Pte Ltd - marine medical supplies specialist, marine pharmacy, licensed pharmacy, offering medical supplies solutions onboard all types of commercial and private vessels, offshore oil & gas industries. Renew ship medical chest certificate. Issue druggist certificate.

Country:, Asia, SG

City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • alex - you have been warned

    The bathroom, and myself will never be the same. My life has been altered in ways that years of psychotherapy or the latest RX could ever help.

  • Amazon Customer - My own address is wrong!

    I've been using MS Streets and Trips since 1999 and it has, up until now, been my go-to map program. Unfortunately, this year's version has some problems. First, my house number is 7534. Clicking on my short street, a cul de sac where my house is, brings up 10438. which, given our city is laid out in a grid pattern, would be the number for a house four miles to the east. Plugging my street and house number into the find panel brings up an erroneous result. The previous version I was using had no such problem. Second problem was that the ability to draw a rectangle around an area on the map to quickly zoom to that area has been removed from the program. You now have to left click on the place of interest, center it on the screen and then scroll in, which was available in previous versions, but not my preferred way of zooming in to a place of interest. MS 2013 does show the newer streets in my area, but the preceeding is really irritating and I'll probably be using Google Earth instead.