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  • luvmapups - A mixed bag

    Found the prison narratives interesting. The closest I've been to a prison is driving by one and I think that's the closest I want to be. As for the premise of the story, I know there is corruption in the legal system, but this seemed rather overdone. Even the pretty young defense attorney seemed a bit contrived. However, I finished reading to the end.

  • DRailroad - Great Value For the Price!

    We were a little hesitant to purchase this Tea Tree Oil ("Good 'N' Natural) because of the negative reviews on Amazon. However, most of the negative reviews were focused on the "odor" (or "scent" from our view) of this particular oil, some on the "oiliness" (it IS an oil!).

  • Lindsisradd - Love it!

    I LOVE this bag. It's exactly what I was looking. It's big enough to hold my coffee cup, water bottle, a tablet, a notebook and the array of random things that I take with me to work every day. There is plenty of room to spare, as a matter of fact. My Kleen-Kanten and Contigo mug fit into each of the side pockets. The bottles are taller than the pocket, but they seem to stay in place just fine. I was even able to fit about 10 pens into the two pen holders (although I have no idea why I need or even have ten pens). I have only had the bag for two days but I can say that the material feels very durable. The velcro and the buckles that allow the bag to close are excellent.

  • Isabelle Z - Warning!! Lost serius IQ pointss

    Brain cels ded from reding book, mi IQ iused to bee geniuss level, butt now all seezed and dieyd frum Cory bernabi, cant reed anything nowe eyes dyed too frum too much stoopid. brain killedd eyess and brain. Pleas dont reed book yoe can cach diseese frm it kill yur brain

  • shoppingmakesmehappy - Plus it works great on my hair

    I have natural hair and this is the only product I use as my leave in. I have wandered off and tried numerous other products but always come back to Cantu shea butter. So now I have stopped cheating on Cantu ☺. Plus it works great on my hair.....that's the plus!