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  • http://www.marketdemedios.com/publicidad-en-radio/ Publicidad en Radio - MarketdeMedios - MarketdeMedios es un Marketplace de Publicidad Interactivo. Es una herramienta para que los Anunciantes puedan planificar rapidamente su campaña publicitaria. Democratizamos la Publicidad, haciendo que sea accesible a todas las empresas independientemente de su inversión.

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  • Mister Moose - best investing book I've read.

    Don't make another trade until you've read these letters. Next time you're tempted to make an emotional trade think about what Warren would tell you to do.

  • Winford - Discover your roots

    In order to love and nurture a tree you must first love and nurture its roots. Get to know your true roots before you were taken from your motherland. We will need them for the healing of our mind ,body and soul. This is one of the most powerful books I've ever read. Thanks Dr. Afrika!

  • milncraig - Very helpful!

    Very helpful for catching up on lost time. I stopped making databases over 10 years ago and had to make one up for my job. This came in very handy!

  • MrsYoung0630 - A very smart purchase

    I would like to thank the person who did the comprehensive video review for this product, as it was vary accurate.

  • Bill Gradwohl - Definitely get this with the Shurflo pump

    Bought this along with the Shurflo pump. Nice and flexible, easy on and off for testing, and much better than trying to use PVC or metal plumbing in many situations.

  • Boomer - Read Before Reading After

    Although entitled 'After' it would be more accurately identified as 'Before' and 'After.' The transition between now and back then takes you up to the end of the storyline but by then you already know that the Before has already been addressed in the After. Still with me? Otherwise a well written novel even Before and also Afteer.

  • Christine - I think this mask is like a lotion

    This mask as Ceramides and Hyaluronic acid which is what this company features in the lotions. I think this mask is like a lotion, brightener, firmer in one and that's why I will buy more. I already have their Cera-Cell cream and it is a miracle I tell you.