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Massachusetts Drug Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The Massachusetts Drug Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

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  • A. Bachicha - A great fit for our honda fit

    We got one of these car seats for each of my little ones and they fit great in our honda fit. The fabric feels so plush and comfortable and the kids also seem comfortable. I only have a couple of conplaints. The buckle that goes between their legs is adjustable but for rear facing it is recommended to use the one furthest in, sometimes it is hard to adjust my kids to scoot into the back of the seat so that I have access to the buckle. Also releasing and adjusting the straps is somewhat difficult, it is easier with my 2.5 year old I pull the straps from the back of the seat and this allows me to tighten the straps easier, loosening them is trickier. With my 1.5 year old it is extremely tricky to use this trick but as he grows I know it will get easier. The built in cup holders are nice. I had a chicco nextfit which I also really liked we moved that to dad's truck since using the maxi cosi gives slightly more space for the front passengers rear facing than the chicco for us. The nextfit was easier to take my kid in and out of but the cosi gives us a bit more space and comes in cute colors. I also chose it for the ease of removing and washing the cover although I haven't tried yet. I chose this year's model over last year's model because of the bamboo fabric since my boys are big sweaters. I also liked that the seat has a 75lb rear facing weight limit.

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    This stuff tastes nasty and there are no healthy ingredients in it whatsoever. I'm quite sure it's a scam.

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    Triple paste has been an awesome product for us! When my son was born he had a severe rash. After going through a few creams I stumbled upon this one. At first I felt that the price was steep for this product but after frustrating failures of others I decided to bite the bullet and try it......So glad I did! It has been great as a barrier cream and seems to have soothing properties on my son's bum.

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    Like a fine wine they get better with every short tour with Uncle Neil or without. So talented and the voices so clear. Better to listen to CSN than listen to the news. Music can express so much. Keep on rockin and touring.

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    I love this scrub; I've been using it as an exfoliant for years, on my face and neck, and sometimes even elbows, feet and knees. My mom used to buy it for me in high school. It's hypoallergenic, so it doesn't irritate my skin, but it doesn't smell medicinal. It has a very gentle and pleasant scent of apricot. It's a deep exfoliating scrub, so it's better to use it every other day, not daily. Perfect for removing dead skin cells, and leaving your face with a fresh, smooth glow. And best of all, it's affordable.


    I have tested out this selfie ring light, because I am always searching for anything to make my selfies stand out and look amazing on social media at all times! This particular brand is extremely easy to use, so even without directions there shouldn't be any reason why anyone would have a problem using it. All that you have to do is put 2 AAA batteries in the back of it, clip it onto your phone or tablet and click the button at the top one time for a dimmer light, twice for a medium light and three times for a full light. It seemed to do a decent job, but for my selfies I didn't think the light was bright enough for me. It gave good selfies, but it was still a little on the darker side, even with 3 different settings I just couldn't seem to get a bright enough light. It would be a nice selfie light to have if you have medium to full light in your home, but my home seems to always be pretty dark other than a few hours during the day when the sun comes in a few windows. This is a really easy light to use and descent quality too!