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Mad Bastards movie - Mad Bastards, the movie, is a visceral story of transformation set against the wild lands of northern Aboriginal Australia...

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  • Ariel M. - especially things like this. So read all the reviews

    So DISCLAIMER: everyone's body reacts differently to things, especially things like this. So read all the reviews, including this one, with a grain of salt. With that said I had mixed luck. I tested a small area on my forearm to make sure I wouldn't have an allergic reaction and that it worked. I let it sit, wrapped, for over an hour and when I took the plastic wrap off. My arm stayed numb for over 3 hours. I bought this product for a large back piece that takes up about 25% of my back. I had part of the tattoo done before buying this and the pain was very intense, way more so than other tattoos and I was only able to last an hour. Now I have 12 tattoos on me and a few are quite large, so I am no stranger to what to expect but this one was very detailed and near my spine (the other two on my back are not as detailed and smaller than this new one). My artist suggested a cream so I could sit longer. Well once it was time for the 2nd session I put a generous amount on (I suggest with a glove!) an hour and a half before my appointment and wrapped it up. When he started tattooing I felt nothing but pressure and I was so excited it was working. However, after about 10-15 minutes it was no longer numb and I was starting to gain most of my sensation back. It ended up somewhat dulling the pain to were I could tolerate it better but it was a pretty small improvement.

  • Katie L. - Great book on CD for 4 year old.

    The CD lasts forever, and even when it replays, it's so long that my little boy doesn't get bored. He almost doesn't remember the first story buy the time the last story plays. He asks for it by name when we are going on longer car rides. The book doesn't have a lot of pictures, but my 4 year old likes to use his own imagination when he is looking out the window and listening to the words. He rarely looks at the book. I would buy it again!

  • Adi Sela - Glad I got gold

    Very awesome game! The new mobile option is fantastic only wish it could work without wifi! The unlimited is amazing- only wish it would be forever and not just 3 months!

  • djinnj - Honest Earth Creamy Mashed tastes like potato

    Honest Earth Creamy Mashed tastes like potato, has the consistency of potato, and is blissfully free of seasonings, allowing me to use and season the potatoes to my own taste. It can be used in recipes that call for mashed potatoes, like Greek potato keftethes.

  • Hunter - Binder - Perfect for Segregating Women

    I have searched a long time (about 5 minutes) for an appropriate binder for women. I love this one. Not only is it durable, but I can add several to it and if I buy the special segregators (sold separately, of course) I can categorize women, just like Mitt Romney. This is perfect. I can have a section for those who are not Temple Worth, who are uppity, bad mothers (read: single, living in urban areas, hence completely lacking in moral fiber).

  • DarcNight - Don't buy the Hero 3!!! It malfuctions ALOT!!!

    I've had all 3 of the gopro cameras, and the Hero 2 is the best one by far. The first hero was good....the second hero camera was very good....but the hero 3 is a horrible!! They need to fix all the malfunctioning problems. I'm gonna return the hero 3 and buy back the hero 2 until they get all the issues resolved with the hero 3.