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Services for drug addiction, alcoholism & substance abuse | Lyndon - Specialist regional NSW services supporting clients and service providers to treat and manage drug & alcohol addition + substance abuse through withdrawal / detox rehab and community activities

  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-rehabilitation-services/ Lyndon Drug & Alcohol Services | Clients & Family - Lyndon Drug & Alcohol Services Builds strong lives and connects regional communities through helping people experiencing substance abuse.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/nsw-drug-alcohol-rehab-locations/ Drug & alcohol Service locations - Live-in & In-community - Lyndon's live-in & in-community programs provide drug & alcohol services across the majority of regional NSW. 
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-live-in-programs/ Drug & Alcohol Live-in Programs | Lyndon - Lyndon Drug & Alcohol Live-in Programs provide two drug & alcohol live-in programs to assist people experiencing drug & alcohol issues.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-withdrawal-detox/ Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal | Detox | Lyndon - A voluntary live-in detox service providing safe, medically supervised drug & alcohol withdrawal, focusing on client needs, with a non-judgemental approach.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/rehab-drug-alcohol-addiction/ Drug & Alcohol Rehab | Wattlegrove | Lyndon - The drug & alcohol rehab program provides support for people with brain injuries, intellectual disabilities and other cognitive impairments.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-rehabilitation-services/drug-alcohol-day-programs/ Drug & Alcohol Day Programs | In-community | Lyndon - Lyndon has developed several drug & alcohol day programs to build empowered and strong lives that have choice about substance use.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-youth-nsw-south-coast/ Drug & Alcohol Youth Program | Salt Water People | Lyndon - Salt Water People is a water sports training and participation drug & alcohol youth program for Aboriginal people from Batemans Bay to the Victorian border.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/womens-drug-alcohol-blue-mountains/ Women's Drug & Alcohol Program | Dianella Cottage | Lyndon - Dianella Cottage provides a non-judgmental women's drug & alcohol program that support coexisting drug, alcohol and mental health issues.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/aboriginal-mens-group-bega/ Aboriginal Men's Group | Lyndon Drug & Alcohol Services - The Aboriginal Men's Group project builds on the existing Wandarma Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Service programs.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-services-central-west/ Drug & Alcohol In-Community Services | Lyndon - The Lyndon Drug & Alcohol In-Community services provide counseling and case management, group therapy, training and education in the Central West of NSW.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/aboriginal-drug-alcohol-service-south-coast/ Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Service | Wandarma | Lyndon - The Wandarma Aboriginal drug & alcohol service provide withdrawal services for people and their families who are experiencing substance addiction & abuse.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-aboriginal-network-far-west-nsw/ Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Network | Murdi Paaki | Lyndon - Aboriginal drug & alcohol networks focus on improving access to specialist drug and alcohol knowledge and supporting existing primary health care services.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-first-aid/ Drug & Alcohol First Aid Courses | Training | Lyndon - Drug & Alcohol First Aid courses provide up to date information to help service providers, workplaces and community members about drug and alcohol abuse.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-service-providers/ Information for Drug & Alcohol Service Providers | Lyndon - Providing drug & alcohol service providers with the links to refer a patient to our service and information about the support we can give you.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-services-assessment/ Referral & assessment to Lyndon Drug & Alcohol Services - Referral & assessment to participate in our Drug & Alcohol Service programs is initially via the phone. Any one can call to make a referral or get some information about availability.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-service-providers/drug-alcohol-training-programs/ Drug & Alcohol Training Programs | Lyndon - The team at Lyndon are accredited to deliver a range of drug & alcohol training programs that specialise in treating clients struggling with addiction.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/drug-alcohol-training-craft/ Drug & Alcohol Assistance | CRAFT | Lyndon - CRAFT provides drug & alcohol assistance through suggesting techniques, helpful questions and ways of responding to a substance abuser’s behavior.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/indigenous-substance-alcohol-services/ Indigenous Substance Assessment | IRIS | Lyndon - The IRIS Program is a substance assessment for Indigenous people that identifies substances and their associated mental health issues.
  • http://www.lyndon.org.au/clinical-supervision-consultation-student-placement/ Student Placements | Clinical Supervision | Consultation | Lyndon - Lyndon is committed to supporting student placements for the development of an appropriately trained and educated social and community sector workforce.

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    I'm on the fence about Rick Steves in general. He's a travel factory, churning out advice for just about any destination you have in mind. I'm not sure that his advice fits what I want to do when I travel. I think he skews his advice towards the "cruise ship crowd" and I am not one of those.