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  • Useful and in fashion - Useful and in fashion

    As a student i have always believed in working hard and tried to master the concepts and material covered in the medical school curiculum.It did bring very good grades but I am afraid thats not enough for USMLE. As this book tells USMLE has focus that can be different from what is covered in medschool. A good school will have covered the material but this book will help you look at it the way you can score more on USMLE( esp. the clinical slant of the exam) .The advice are judicious and invaluable for an IMG. I read the advice early on and it helped me mentally prepare for the exam. It maybe hard to go through the review books adviced when doing your course work but borrowing them and orienting yourself to them maybe useful.The book reviews are good. This book doesnt do any magic for you. The best prepration is still studying hard during the course.Goodluck on the exam.

  • Amazon Customer - Very infomative and will bring you up to speed on ...

    Very infomative and will bring you up to speed on what hgh does for your body and how it effects other important hormones.

  • Merilyn Jolly - The game is confusing. When you finish one level ...

    The game is confusing. When you finish one level it does not automatically take you to the next level as other games. You have to complete one of the projects in the game before going to the next level. Other than that, it's ok.

  • Nicole G. - Old product.

    Have used this product before. This one seemed old and faded in from the sun and didn't work correctly. Probably somehow made the "gel" and "cream" not oxidize properly.

  • Daniel Flores - WARNING----DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!

    Without a doubt, this is THE WORST product on the market for the treatment of wood laminate floors. I followed the instructions exactly, and ten minutes later the results were absolutely horrible. Like with the vast majority of consumers here, I also had similar damage done to my flooring. A thick, slick, coating of sticky residue turned the laminate dull and streaked. I made the mistake of using this product before vetting it, and was horrified to see the negative reviews all over the internet about the products produced by this company.

  • Mike D - Helped me kick cravings

    I purchase the challenge. Replaced my coffee and diet coke habit with Spark. I became more energetic and started participating in life around me. Lost 20# on the 24 day challenge but went on with it and lost 65# but gained a LOT of muscle. I 48, I feel better than I did at 35....or even 30. I did have a Niacin flush when I began but that ended soon. Also, I used to have frequent heart palpitations and that has stopped. My cholesterol and B/P are 50% better.