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  • Michael Mulcahy - Perfect fit and simple to install

    It was exactly as advertised. The repair shop Quoted me $150 to do the job. And I did it for less than half that price.

  • Larry - 2012 HR Block at Home decided my parents are no longer my dependents

    My parents have been my dependents for years and I've no issue with their dependent status until using 2012 HR Block at Home version (2010 and 2011 at Home version worked just fine). I've manually completed the Worksheet for Dependents and they passed all 4 tests (age,relationship,support,residence). Yet the software failed to checked the relationship and age boxes and kept telling me they are not qualified. I've also entered the same info using TaxACT 2012 and that software is telling they are qualified as my dependents.

  • jessica burfening - Great multi tasker

    This shampoo and body wash is a great multi tasker. Works great as a shampoo and also as a body wash. Great for travel to save room. Has a light berry smell almost like cranberry.

  • Amazon Customer - Loved The Talking Flashlight

    This was honest from beginning to end and meant for intelligent, fun ENTERTAINMENT. Doty is as talented as anyone in Hollywood and just needs one door to open with that brass ring inside. Ghosts this week -- Bernie's 1977 trip to the USSR for his next project. Loyd Aurbach was the talking head from that Mensa Club you hear about. He's The Man in psi knowledge. My favorite natural talent of the doc was the beautiful and gifted quirkmeister, Angela. Great job guys! I expect ever higher peaks of quality in your future projects.

  • Grandma Evey - Better than moms!

    When I received this grinded the cutting blade was missing. I contacted the company and a blade was sent out immediately. Great Customer Service! When I was young I used my mom's metal grinder a lot! Things I didn't like about it have been changed in this one. Old one - had to find place to clamp it on - New one suctions to any flat smooth surface. Old one - long handle so had to crank big circles - very tiring - New one - short crank handle so easier on the muscles. Old one - metal so couldn't see what was left behind until taken apart - New one - clear hard plastic so easy to see what is still in the grinder also can see how clean it is. Old one - heavy and bulky - New one - light weight and more compact.