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Kaolin | red-brown soil Powder | Pyrophyllite Powder | barite | brown clay--Zhejiang Fuyuan Mineral Materials Co., Ltd. - Produced by natural barite powder, pyrophyllite powder, kaolin powder, talc, wollastonite, quartz sand, silica powder and other natural non-metallic materials

  • http://www.liaoyuan.com.cn/index1.html 浙江燎原药业有限公司--氯吡格雷|盐酸噻氯匹啶|米氮平|2-噻吩乙醇|2-噻吩乙胺 - 公司主要生产抗凝血,抗抑郁及心脑血管类药物的原料药和中间体,目前主要产品有氯吡格雷,盐酸噻氯匹啶,米氮平等。公司是国际知名的噻吩衍生物生产厂家,其中医药中间体2-噻吩乙醇、2-噻吩乙胺在国际市场上产量最大。

    Country:, Asia, CN

    City: 120.1614 Zhejiang, China

  • Skippy - Wonderful to hear them live on the CDs and wonderful ...

    CSN one of my favorites ever! Wonderful to hear them live on the CDs and wonderful to see them on the DVD

  • Scott R - Good package

    Good package, though surprised to find it came with a DVD installation disk, thus needing a DVD drive to install the program. Good tutorials included and comes with lots of pre-assembled templates. However, options to build-your-own-from-scratch or to modify/tweak provided card templates seemed limited.