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ZANTAC® Canada | Heartburn Relief & Treatment - ZANTAC® is proven to relieve and prevent heartburn and last up to 12 hours. Try ZANTAC® today!

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  • TheOldGrouch - Great fun, exercise and entertainment

    My son loves this! He had others and dances to them all frequently. It was great to get new dances. Quick and cheap compared to most places to get them!

  • Marco Gonzalez - Terrible phone.

    I bought two phones. I had problems with one of them because it seems the phone was not ready to be used. It appeared an screen asking to configure it. Today is working after I took it with one technician to repair it. It has been working the last two days. The other phone works only the first 3 days. Now, I have to take it with the technician and wait if he can fix it. Terrible experience. I am loosing my money and my time.

  • Crystal Huang - Very nice charger

    Very nice charger. Love that it shows the amount of charge it has leftAlso had no problem getting in on board the aircraft in my carry on luggage.

  • Amazon Customer - THE STEP SCARE

    Hey guys, I am sure you will be really tense about the step 1!! It is definitely worth the scare, especially nowadays when programs are depending on the scores more and more for evaluating you. I think it is best to use this book as a dessert and not the main course. It would even suit as an appetiser, but definitely not the mail course. Pathoilogy is definitely the strenght of the book. us e this as a supplement to the Q bank of Kaplan. that is the best possible resource for step1. Good luck.

  • Alicia M. - Reset!

    I lost 10 pounds on this program and I am able to keep it off. I felt more energized, and was able to do better workouts even with such a limited intake of food. My skin was healthier, and people told me I was glowing. I don't crave the bad for you foods that I loved prior to the SP program, so I feel like it really did reset my system and rewire the way that I think of food and consumption.

  • Fred L. Curry - Do not buy!

    Lost my 2013 version when I upgraded. This version is really buggy. I can't use any control-key combinations and even using the Enter key doesn't work. These guys do not respond to help requests either. I was told 13 minues when I left the e-mail. It has been over 48 minutes as I write. (6:45 PM on Friday Jan 3rd, 2014) Whoops! I just got "There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later."

  • Amazon Customer - Not in Love wth Living Cookbooks

    I had been a very content Mastercook user in the past but decided to try Living Cookbook when my previous software needed updating. A family member uses Living Cookbook and likes it so I thought it was worth a try.