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  • scrubbers - Nice!

    I could notice a difference the first night I used this. It really helps! I don't like that you still have to moisturize after you apply this. The pump and dropper to get the product out is pointless, so I just open it and put it on my finger. I received this at a discount in return for my honest opinion. Although the packaging is not the best, the product works and that's what matters.

  • Aubrey J. - Handy little light for YouTube

    I Purchased this selfie ring light to use to film my youtube videos with. i usually film with natural lighting, but once the sun starts setting earlier I won't have enough day light after work to film and get good quality video due to lack of light. I actually purchased this with low expectations thinking that it would be just ok. This little light is actually super powerful with multiple settings for me to adjust to however i like. i prefer to use the third setting on the light for the brightest light. It fits on my iPhone 6 plus with the case on it as well. I wish it was rechargeable instead of having to use triple a batteries, but i just get cheap batteries from the dollar tree and it works just fine. i did receive this product at a discounted price. I give my fair and honest review for all products that I purchase even if i receive a discount.

  • W. Lackey - Love this jacket

    I love the Patagonia down sweater so much I bought two. It is lightweight yet very warm. You can stuff it into its internal pocket which makes it very convenient should the weather turn warm and you don't want to wear it anymore.

  • Kristen Anderson - I don't know how to rate this

    this stuff is so hard to get off the skin in the morning... the face does look better.. the theory makes sense also.. but I don't know if the face looks better because I stay in bed an extra 10 minutes rubbing on my skin to get the stuff off

  • Gabrielle - This is one of the few I've found that is actually really good and not ridiculously expensive

    My hair is dry and damaged from years of coloring and it's long too so it's hard to maintain. I have tried SO many repair masks and deep conditioners. This is one of the few I've found that is actually really good and not ridiculously expensive. I can actually see and feel the results from immediately after I rinse it out. My hair is softer and less frizzy looking. This product is a must and I always have it on hand.

  • John Replinger - Great Resource

    When I purchased this book I was anticipating working for two or three more years but wanted to know my options. Six months later I was laid off. This book prepared me for detailed discussions with the Social Security staffer, Because I'd studied, not just read, the book, I was able to ask all the appropriate questions, verified information, and made my decisions on collecting Social Security at my one and only visit to the SS office. Maybe I'd have arrived at the same decision, but Landis' book was a Great Resource. I've recommended it to friends and relatives.