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Công ty Kiểm toán CPA - Công ty TNHH Kiểm toán CPA cung cấp các dịch vụ kiểm toán, kế toán và tư vấn doanh nghiệp hàng đầu tại Việt Nam

Country:, Asia, VN

City: 106.3456 Tinh Tra Vinh, Vietnam

  • Stephanie Bell - Couldn't work without it!

    I use this product for real estate marketing work and it's great for making brochures, postcards, etc. I really like the upgrades from the previous version. A few more object and line style choices would be nice, like some that can be found on the templates, for those of us that like to create a more unique document. I've used this software for more than 12 years and couldn't live without it! Amazon also offered it for the least amount of money and since I purchase products from them frequently, I trusted that I would be able to download it, etc. without a hitch.

  • Victoria S. - Not what I was expecting

    I like the smell...I notice that after using the shampoo my hair is unmanageable so then in order to be able to run my fingers through my hair I use a lot of the conditioner. I have noticed nothing exciting about the length of my hair since I started using the shampoo and conditioner. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained... I miss my long hair :( I will try another product I think

  • mojo - PC Matic Is the WORST!

    PC Matic is a joke!!! Don;t waste your time and money. I ran it and ran it and ran it and nothing changed. Then they automatically billed my credit card even though I specifically stated no auto renew when i signed up. Good luck contacting them - you can't ever speak to a person - even the tel number on your credit card statement is a recording that says go to their website - it's no wonder they do not want to speak to anyone -

  • Lisa - they look great and hold up well

    they look great and hold up well. I have ordered them years before and only needed to order again because when Toyota rotated my tires they broke the clip that held one of the caps in place.

  • Josph Famiglietti - 4.75 stars, but Amazon only gives me integers.

    Hello Amazonians! Time for my annual release-day Nero review. I've been beta testing this release, so my review does indeed come from extensive experience with the software. While Nero gives me a working serial number for my efforts, they don't otherwise compensate me for my review, nor am I an employee of the company. A quick note to make is that I personally don't use a tablet that much, and "mobile device" gets really cumbersome, so if I say "phone", you can fill in the blank to mean "the iOS or Android running device of your choosing". Let's get started, because it's long...


    I did not even use more than 1/2 of a spool of twine, and the spool cap came off. It would not snap into place and stay. I called and they wanted to charge me something like 7.95 for one, a small piece of plastic, or 12.98 for two.