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  • Serena Wang - Great bag for my purposes.

    I got this bag because I didn't want a huge gym bag. I have to ride the subway every day during my commute, and carrying a huge gym bag would have been a pain to do. This is the perfect size. I needed something to fit my clothes, shower stuff (including ultralite towel and sandals), gym shoes (I'm a women's size 6), and boxing gloves in. That's all. It's light by itself and there is one zippered pocket inside, one zippered pocket outside. I would imagine if I had bigger shoes, this might be a tighter squeeze.

  • ellamar - Try it, you'll love it.

    If you have never tried these Telma cubes in mushroom you are really missing out. I use them when making a pot of soup. Doesn't really matter what kind. You just have to know that you do not add salt until the soup is done otherwise it probably would be too salty. It just takes your soup to another dimension. Everyone that I tell about these cubes loves them. You can also use in other things but just must be careful about salt.

  • ChuckS - Not without some bugs as of 2-10-2014

    Well, even with all the negative reviews 'I took the plunge' and upgraded from 2011 Deluxe to 2014 Home & Business figuring that I had to do it before April and I had an entire weekend to deal with the pain. There IS some pain. Budgeting is TOTALLY different in 2014. It pretty much wrecked by budget categories and I had to set them up by scratch. If you're hoping that the mobile features will work smoothly in 2014, I hate to tell you that they do not. For one, you have to tell the mobile setting in the desktop WHICH budget you want to sync. I set one up just for mobile with just the accounts that I want to keep an eye on such as gasoline, groceries, entertainment, dining out etc and then selected my budget called 'mobile' to sync. Guess what?...not only will it not sync to the mobile device in the cloud, I cannot get ANY budget to sync to the mobile device. I have several including iPad Air (iOS 7), iPhone 5 (iOS 7) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android 4.3). Yes, I know which buttons to sync. The data migration seemed to go pretty smoothly overall. Bottom line is be prepared to 'futz' with it after you upgrade. I'll come back and update my review after a few weeks or so.

  • Amber G - Works extremely well not to strong on my gums even ...

    Works extremely well not to strong on my gums even when a little got on them but worked its magic on my teeth and the light is a plus. I recieved this product at a discount for my honest review all views are my own and true for me.

  • Robert S - When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this ...

    I bought this shape tool for my sons who are always asking me to help them shape their beards, yes they are teenagers with beards, LOL! When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this could help. Well yes it does help and they able to easily use this guide to get it perfect. Design is simple with a nice thick plastic piece that you place on your face and while holding just run your razor or in our case the electric cutters and just follow the guide. They are having no problem getting the perfect line up. The only thing I could find wrong is the price. Even though I received it at a discount I'm not sure I would be willing to actually pay the almost 13.00 for a piece of plastic. Other than that it's great.

  • K. S. Marchetto - Excellent poet, excellent poems

    Louise Gluck continues to stand out as one of the first among contemporary poets. This collection showcases the prodigious results of her equally impressive talent. Her work and her influence span decades.