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Jobfit - Occupational Health Services Across Australia - In need of Jobfit occupational health services? Contact Jobfit today and talk to us about your workforce health needs.

  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Workers/MedicalHistoryQuestionnaire.aspx Medical History Questionnaire - jobfit - The pre-employment health assessment is part of the employment or deployment process and is used to assess your suitability for the position and the physical work environment for which you are being considered.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers.aspx Employers - Jobfit Health Group - Jobfit's healthcare services ensure your workforce is fit for work in the areas of work injury prevention, injury management & workplace health promotion.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Preemploymentmedicals.aspx Pre-employment medical assessments - Jobfit - Jobfit offers comprehensive pre-employment medical examinations, drug and alcohol testing and periodic medical assessments to suit your business needs.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Preemploymentmedicals/RailSafetyWorkersMedical.aspx Rail Safety Workers Medical - Jobfit - Rail industry workers are required to undergo a Rail Safety Workers medical assessment to manage potential risks. Click here to find out how Jobfit can help.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Preemploymentmedicals/CoalMineWorkersHealthScheme.aspx Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme (formerly Coal Board Medical) - The Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme (formerly Coal Board Medical) protects the health and safety of Queensland coal mine workers by ensuring they undergo periodic health assessments.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Preemploymentmedicals/CommercialVehicleDriverMedical.aspx Commercial Vehicle Driver Medical - Jobfit - Drivers of trucks, public passenger vehicles and vehicles carrying dangerous goods must meet higher medical standards because of the demands of their work
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Preemploymentmedicals/PsychometricTesting.aspx Psychometric Testing - Jobfit Health Group is one of Australia's largest occupational healthcare providers. Your workforce health is our business.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Workfitnessassessments.aspx Work fitness assessments - Jobfit - An employment medical assessment with Jobfit is vital for a potential employee’s ability to effectively meet job requirements. Click to find out more.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Drugandalcoholscreening.aspx Drug and alcohol screening - Jobfit - A statutory requirement in many industries, effective drug and alcohol screening improves the safety of your workplace.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Injurymanagementandrehabilitation.aspx Injury management and rehabilitation - Jobfit - Jobfit’s approach to injury management and rehabilitation focuses on a successful return to work for the employee, which also benefits the employer.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Injurymanagementandrehabilitation/FitnessforDuty.aspx Fitness for Duty - Jobfit - Jobfit can assist employers with information and recommendations for an employee with a non-work related injury or illness with regards to suitability to return to a specific role by undertaking a Fitness for Duty assessment.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Injurymanagementandrehabilitation/InjuryAssist.aspx Injury Assist - Jobfit - Jobfit’s tailored service provides assistance to help injured workers recover rapidly from work related injury and supports employers to facilitate a timely return to work
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Onsitemedicalservices.aspx Onsite medical services - Our medical team will ensure optimal workplace employment health anywhere in Australia, whether local, remote, offshore or corporate.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Onsitemedicalservices/WorkplaceFluVaccinations.aspx Workplace Flu Vaccinations - Jobfit - Influenza viruses constantly evolve, with rapid changes in their characteristics. To provide continuing protection, annual vaccination with vaccine containing the most recent strains is necessary.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Medicalexpertservices.aspx Medical expert services - Jobfit - Health and productivity are inextricably linked to a safe work environment, therefore we offer a broad and comprehensive range of medical expert services.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Executivehealthassessments.aspx Executive Health Assessments - Jobfit - Our executive health assessment is a comprehensive medical and physical health appraisal for busy executives.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/Healthandwellness.aspx Health and wellness - Jobfit - Smart employers recognise their biggest asset is their workforce. Maintaining and promoting workplace health amongst employees leads to better morale, reduced lost time and improved productivity.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Employers/HRandIRConsulting.aspx Jobfit HR/IR Consulting - Jobfit HR/IR Consulting specialises in high quality, reliable and effective Human Resources and Industrial Relations consulting services for employers.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Workers.aspx Workers - Jobfit Health Group - Jobfit offers new and existing workers employment medical examination options and ensures employers undertake best duty of care practice within their workplace
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Workers/Preemploymentmedicals.aspx Pre-employment medical examination - Jobfit - Good employers take their duty of care towards their workforce seriously, and this includes understanding what risks prospective and existing employees might have.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Healthprofessionals/Workfitnessassessment.aspx Work fitness assessment - Jobfit - The work fitness assessment is performed to help determine a job applicant’s ability to safely perform the duties of the role for which they are applying.
  • http://www.jobfit.com.au/Healthprofessionals/Spirometry.aspx Spirometry - Jobfit - Information about spirometry and how to interpret spirometry tests. Link to publication on the National Asthma Foundation website.

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