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JL Suplementos - Loja de Suplementos em Natal - Loja de Suplementos e Camisetas Fitness em Natal RN. Confira dicas de como ganhar massa muscular.

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    City: 14.6724 Central Bohemia, Czechia

  • Greg Morris - I love coffee. So I ordered these up to try

    I am a caffeine addict. I love coffee. So I ordered these up to try. I love the fact that these are zero calories, all natural, and don't give me the jitters usually associated with caffiene. You can't really taste them, they just sort of blend in with whatever you are putting them in. Very nice boost of energy from them.

  • Shannon - Save your Money

    I purchased this machine to help with some unwanted facial hair. I received it at the very end of September 2011. It is now February 2012. I have been able to use it a grand total of six times. The 'light indicator' says that my skin is too dark and therefore it won't work most of the time. (I'm a white female...and I do mean white. No tan what-so-ever.) I have called, email, etc the company several times and they are d r a g g i n g their feet about helping me with this product. Complete waste of money.

  • Kathy Junge (Rigg) - Great for sensitive scalp

    The cucumber is the only one for my longer, fine oil prone hair. I use it occasionally. The real medical benefit is to my husbands scalp which was getting ravaged by harsh soaps and chlorine that stripped the acid mantle leaving bumps and vulnerable skin! His scalp never had a chance to recover it's own protective sheath! This product is perfect for his everyday use in the almond and lavender. I don't think there is another non-laurel sulfate equal. I grew up with lanolin base shampoos and Breck coconut oil. (The old days.) And, sorry dear, he does not have much hair left anyway so it really is a matter of cleaning the skin while leaving the hair looking good. Wen really does all of that. Forget about the "20 pumps" thing on the label too. Just a normal couple of pumps does it. Just rinse well and maybe run it through twice if needed and you can leave some in. It's a keeper for us and worth the expense at this point because of the quality of ingredients. Read the label. Pretty amazing compared to the detergent out there!

  • M. Fitzgerald - Overpriced, well-marketed, mediocre cultery

    THESE are famed Cutco knives?! I'd suppose if you're accustomed to buying cutlery at Sears, these may seem like good knives, but compared to real knives such as Misono or Togiharu, they're a freaking joke, can't even decently slice a tomato. Adding insult to injury, Cutco is audacious enough to place itself at the same price bracket as real knives. Even an hour on the water stone can't get this fat, heavy, dull blade to yield a respectable cut. The steel in the Cutco is excessively hard to reduce the amount of sharpening it seems, but in order to prevent chipping of such a hard blade it seems cutco made the blades excessively thick as well. Impractically so for fine slicing in fact. On top of that, the excessive hardness makes sharpening all that much more difficult. And the blade still dulls in 2 months. There is no reason for a home chef to have such hard steel, especially when the blade is so poorly designed.