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  • Jenn C. - The BEST moisturizer I've ever tried!

    I used this for the first time last night and again this morning, but immediately after putting this on my face I could feel a difference! A little background on my skin: I have combination skin that breaks a little every so often and I'm in my 30s and trying to counter sun damage and wrinkles from not taking good care of my skin until recently. It seems so many anti-aging products are designed to shed skin cells so that new and younger looking ones surface. But too much product and exfoliating had my skin peeling around and on my nose for the past week. And it's still oily! But it wouldn't stop peeling!!! After one application of this moisturizer and my skin just felt so soothed! And no peeling! It moisturizes without leaving any oil or residue and my skin is finally normalizing.

  • Tammy - Forced upgrade is just an Intuit money-grab! I'm tired of it!

    My last version of Quicken worked fine. Now Intuit puts their corporate gun to my head and says "Upgrade or else!" Like others I didn't fall for the "Click this button" to upgrade scam that would have cost me $50. Still, even though I only paid $22 delivered from Costco, my attitude toward Intuit as a company has never been lower.

  • mightymouse - Amazing Mold and Mildew Stain Remover - Wet and Forget

    The entire back of my stucco house was covered with big black mold patches up to 3 feet high. They had been developing for years and were really embedded deep in the stucco. I purchased a garden sprayer, covered the whole area in about 20 minutes. A couple days later I could already see a difference. You're supposed to just let it do its thing over time, but being impatient, I decided to help it along and took a broom to it. Holy cow--the mold was just brushing off like crazy. About 75% of the stain is already gone. In 3 weeks I will do a second treatment, and just let it continue to do its work without any help. This stuff is amazing. The only drawback is the paint is disappearing along with it, but I expected that--considering the paint is over 35 years old and would probably come off just from brisk brushing alone. Wet & Forget has no odor, is a simple process, and it really does work!

  • Mike P - This product works great! Zero white residue

    My YMCA started cracking down on using powder chalk for weightlifting as it can get messy and all over the equipment. This product works great! Zero white residue, dries quick, and a lot cheaper than some of the other leading brands.

  • Dave Sparks - but it's still a pretty amazing line-up considering they're all free

    The BAM HD antenna exceeded my expectations. I ordered this to put on a bedroom TV that isn't attached to cable so I could supplement Roku streaming with local channels. Not only does BAM pick up the handful of local broadcasts, it found a total of 40 channels. Of course, a few are just shopping channels and a few more aren't what I'd be interested in, but it's still a pretty amazing line-up considering they're all free.

  • Basia - Highly recommended!

    Wow! What a GORGEOUS premise: Every 12 years, the people of this society lose all their memories. The lucky ones have the books in which they'd noted down all the daily happenings of their lives before The Forgetting. For some, there is truth in the books. For many, the truth is likely tainted, to make the person they reconstruct from the books' entries someone a little better, kinder, more good. Then there are those who come to without any books to be found. These people are cursed to live on without any memories at all.

  • Rkoti - Game is OK, DRM restrictions make it a loser.

    This is a very fun and creative game that will suck it for hours at a time. However, the DRM restrictions it puts on the user are harsh and useless, (the game is already available on most bit torrent clients).