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  • Sam Frommer - Cool Gadget

    It amazes me how such a thin and compact device can be so intelligent. I am delighted with my purchase and it was an absolute bargain. I would recommend to others who like a helping hand in managing the whereabouts of their personal belongings. Even better than I thought it would be. It is extremely reliable, robust and weather resistant, surviving the extreme Scottish weather better than I do. It is cheap compared to similar products on the market but is by far the best one I have used. Great product and customer service. Very happy. 5 stars from me!!

  • The 3 little Umipigs - Mozzarella is one of my favorite cheeses now

    Mozzarella is one of my favorite cheeses now. I tried purchasing a block and grading it myself but it ended up being a crumpled mess. I guess I didnt read the description too well as this is a non-dairy product. 'mozzarella style' I tried it on a pizza, it half melted which is better than most fake cheeses but still not quite the same taste as the real thing. So it is good for a non-dairy product but not great if you are looking for a milk cheese. If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by pressing the 'yes' button below. Thank you!

  • Niki B - Absolutely positively amazing!

    This stuff works so well! Heres the story: My hair is naturally a medium brown but I dyed it pitch black a few months ago. Looked like a stupid wig at first but softened a little bit after I washed it. I liked it for a little while then decided to get hot red highlights. Black with red highlights, sounds hot right? NO! Long story short- it looked like a really cheap dye job. So..... I read all the reviews about this product and it sounded pretty promising so I thought I'd give it a try. It took ALL the red and black out. My hair is still slightly darker than my roots but its so close, nobody can tell.

  • Robin Sato - Excellent Monitor With Only 2 Drawbacks Easily Fixed

    I'd rate this five stars if only it had louder speakers and you can't adjust the monitor [tilt up/down, swivel to the side, or raise it up any higher]. I'm not saying the speakers are quiet, but the aren't the loudest by any means. I'm saying this coming from someone who had an iMac and used the built in speakers from that computer very often as they were very loud. However, don't let this deter you from buying the monitor. Its a good size, and I've had no problems with it aside from wishing the built in speakers were stronger. I'm going to just buy some external speakers instead for a lot cheaper than getting a different monitor. This has built in speakers and that's always a plus. The medium volume of the built in speakers not a big deal and this is a great monitor.

  • Wolf - painful migration

    I used MS Money before, since it MS is stopping support I needed to chage my software. The software works, but many of the features that made Money so simple are lacking. layout is difficult also to navigate. example, when entering a check the enter button is above the line you are working on and the bottom of the previous transaction, several times I have clicked to "enter" and open the transaction before. You can say, well be careful, but I say, lay it out so the target zone is not so critical. I also had 5 times so far when downloading from my bank that transactions did not make it to my register....NEVER happened with Money...good bye old friend