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  • Keith - BEER!

    WOW! I followed the directions, got beer. I tasted one about a week after bottling and it wasn't bad but the next one was after two weeks in the bottle and was really great. All in all, easy and rewarding. I did a lager first and am working a honey ale now. Looking forward to doing a stout. Glad I didn't get one when I was 18. Just get one, it's cheap fun.

  • Kevin Farley - I don't like the interface as well as the previous ones and ...

    I don't like the interface as well as the previous ones and it seems to hang and bug (icons don't show as icons, but folders) the data is behind about 2 years on many road in every state and addresses are commonly found on the opposite side of the road from where it says they are. I still have to use google maps to find roads not listed in Streets

  • K. Wall - Run Free

    I've been on septic for 10 years. Recently as a preventative maintenance move had my tank open to check and empty. Service man told me that he didn't know what We were doing but we should keep doing it. Tank was in excellent shape as far as decomposition goes. what I have been doing is using RID-X for years. Frequency about every 2 months. i credit it for keeping me flushing. We also run a dishwasher and clothes washer into the tank. bthere's just two of us so if you have heavier usage you might need to treat monthly. Cheap vs digging up a tank or worse lines.

  • S. Crawford - Highly recommended

    Excellent summation of the current state of Longhorns with welcome drill-down on what the new offense should bring. Recommended for anyone trying to get something more substantial than "Big Media" treatment and less inane than bulletin board passing matches should purchase and read.

  • Marie M. - I absolutely love this stuff

    I absolutely love this stuff! It has made my skin so soft and gives it a nice healthy glow. I've been using it for maybe a month now and almost all the bumps I had on my face are gone. It has a very soft, minty smell. I am definitely going to keep purchasing this.

  • HanK - Biosilk silk therapy

    I have very dry and brittle hair. I have tried everything to help soften my hair. Nothing has worked until now. Biosilk is amazing. You only have to use a small amount and it changes your hair texture entirely. This is absolutely the best hair product available.