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Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Islamic Society of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (ISM) is the largest Islamic organization in Wisconsin for nearly 35 years, established in 1982. ISM operates three mosques in the Greater Area of Milwaukee: ISM Center, ISM Brookfield (Masjid Al-Noor/ISM West), and ISM University. We also have a full-time school from K4 to 12th grade, with over a thousand students.

  • http://www.ismonline.org/contact-us.html Contact Us - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Drop us a line or just say Salam! Contact us about anything using our form below, or visit us in any of our three locations.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/team.html Team - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The Islamic Society of Milwaukee is overseen by thirteen Board of Directors members, with each location having its own organizational structure to oversee day-to-day operations.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/history.html History - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Learn about the birth of the Muslim Community in Milwaukee, and how Islamic Society of Milwaukee cultivated into the largest Islamic organization in Wisconsin.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/events.html Events - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - View all Islamic Society of Milwaukee's (ISM) Google Calendars in an interactive timeline, or subscribe add our Google Calendars for instant updates!
  • http://www.ismonline.org/interfaith-affiliations.html Interfaith Affiliations - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The Islamic Society of Milwaukee works with many community groups and religious organizations, including Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Common Ground, Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope, and Southeast Milwaukee Interfaith Covenant Community.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/islam.html Islam 101 - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Learn all about Islam, Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Muslims, Quran (Qur'an), and the five pillars of Islam
  • http://www.ismonline.org/ism-west.html Brookfield - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The Islamic Society of Milwaukee Brookfield (Masjid Al-Noor) is the primary Islamic organization in the western suburbs of Milwaukee, serving all Muslims in Waukesha County, offering worship services, community events, and educational programs. We are a satellite organization of the ISM.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/ism-center.html Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The first facility established by the Islamic Society of Milwaukee in 1982, and has become the primary center for all Muslims in the Greater Milwaukee Area. It serves the religious, educational and social needs of our community and to promote good citizenship, all according to the Qur’an and Sunnah [the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)].
  • http://www.ismonline.org/ism-east.html University - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Islamic Society of Milwaukee University (ISM East) is intended to serve the students and staff at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) as well as the Muslim community located on Milwaukee's east side. It has also built a rapport with its neighbors Lutheran Campus Ministry and Chinese Christian Church of Milwaukee.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/tours.html Tours - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The Islamic Society of Milwaukee is open to visits organized by religious groups, school and other interested groups. All tours and visits must be prearranged with the respective ISM location. Visits to the ISM can usually be accommodated on most days of the week except Fridays. Friday afternoon visits are extremely difficult to accommodate due to conflicts with our main congregational prayers services.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/facility-rental.html Facility Rental - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The Islamic Society of Milwaukee rents out its facilities to individuals and organizations. All programs must comply with the policies and the values of the ISM, and the ISM has the right to reject any program or to cancel any program at any time at the ISM's sole discretion.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/speaker-request.html Speaker Request - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - The Islamic Society of Milwaukee can provide your group or class with knowledgeable individuals who are qualified to address a wide variety of topics. Speaking programs can be conducted at your place or at the Islamic Center.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/funeral.html Funeral - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Death can be very emotional for the loved ones of the departed. Let Islamic Society of Milwaukee help with the funeral and burial while conforming to Islamic principles.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/blog/ Blog - Islamic Society of Milwaukee - Stay up-to-date with current Islamic issues around the world, and the growth of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee with our ISM Today Newsletter.
  • http://www.ismonline.org/2016/07/15/Recent-Terrorist-Attacks.html Recent Terrorist attacks - Over the past few months, individuals affiliated with or inspired by the barbaric group known as ISIS have carried out savage attacks against innocent civilian populations in a number of countries. The latest attack yesterday in Nice, France resulted in the tragic deaths of 84 innocent people.

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