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  • R. E. Lough - Super sticky

    Difficult to keep your fingers out of the sticky area. We have also accidentally caught a few birds. It also catches lots of flies which is disgusting to remove the sheet to replace it. The good thing is that we have less flies.

  • Jenna12583 - AMAZING!!!

    Ido recommend!!! This game is everything I hoped for. It has so many animals to choose from!!! Thank you so much for making this game!!!!!

  • D. Alvarado - Great cube

    I really like this cube because the rotations are ridiculously smooth. Much better than any standard Rubik's Cube by a long shot. My one complaint about this cube is that it seems the stickers are not terribly durable, as they started peeling after only a couple dozen solves. Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have some nice stickers to compliment an otherwise great cube.

  • Bradley J. Fern - Would recommend.

    This is my second dash camera. I spent a little more on this and it was worth it. Takes very clear and smooth video, even in low light. Would recommend.

  • kirk nelson - don't risk it

    I mixed 5 pouches of oil (pouch per gallon) in a jug with 5 gallons of gas in our polaris snowmobile. Started the engine and warmed it up 5-10 minutes before riding across a field on our farm and half way back before the engine blew up from a lean condition. I rode very easily not even over 3/4 throttle during that time. Opti 2 wont stand behind this product and told me gas has gone down in quality over the years so the gas was the problem. The same gas from the same caseys general store I used a week before with valvoline multipurpose oil at 50:1 didnt blow up my engine as it should have with their statement. I had a fresh 5 gallons of gas mixed with opti 2 oil to their marks because the napa guy said it was all they had and it says it's good for everything. Severely scuffed pistons are a sign of the oil film breaking down.

  • Kari G. - Best Flosser ever!

    My husband uses this every day...twice a day! He recently went to the dentist and got praised for how clean his teeth were! This product comes with many extra tips (one for each member of the family) and the water tank holds enough water for several uses! We have already recommended this H2oflosser to several friends who have also purchased it. I will not stop recommending this!