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  • ewilliamson8fl - Best thing you can do for your 3

    It's amazing how just changing the bulbs changes the look and feel of the interior. The directions were clear and the installation was easy. Great product and fast shipping!

  • Gorgehiker - Rock newbie

    Man, there is so fast a rate hike in the level, it's too much too fast. Let me get used to a level of mastering a bit before you jack me up another level. Let me build up some confidence before you whack me with something I'm not ready for.

  • Catherine F. Evans - I'm still loving it although it is turning into a ...

    I'm still loving it although it is turning into a long running night time soap opera. I am still invested in most of the main characters but if too many of them leave to be replaced with new ones, I may just have to call it quits and head on over to Prime where I can binge watch other splendidly written programs.

  • Terrie B - I would highly recommend this. A little dab will do ya though

    I have Rosacea skin and I use this product for some of the scarring I have from it. It covers well and I am fairly light skinned, do not notice it on the areas that I use it vs. the areas that I don't use it. I would highly recommend this. A little dab will do ya though. I use my fingers to apply so a quick dab into the jar to get out a little and I mean a little. This small jar will last me a long time. I highly recommend. Does not irritate my Rosacea skin which is a plus.

  • L. L. Ingher - Great stuff!

    Helps with diabetic neuropathy and gives me energy. I've been taking Methyl B-12 for several years now off and on. I can tell a difference when I am not taking it.

  • merksy65 - great flick

    love this movie, great action, actors and effects, I'd seen the movie some time ago on a rental and had thought about getting it, went to a big box store to get out of the bargain bin, the employee said they had 3 copies in the bin some place and i had to dig for them, an hours later ... nothing, went home and ordered it from Amazon, got the movie a day early, even though it was sent via Fedex i got if from USPS, which worked for me.

  • C. davey - GREAT, Sturdy and FAST machine! LOVE you SINGER!!!!

    WOW! I just LOVE Singer! Grew up using my Mom's Tan Singer. Since then have used other brands and I was always disappointed in them (constantly breaking) This time I went with the HEAVY DUTY version and I am so glad that I did! I felt the heft of it immediately when I started sewing. Very substantial and FAST! Love the ability to use the sleeve arm too and the little compartment to keep tiny things away and safe, but within easy reach. I never ever used any of those stupid "fancy stitches" (how to immediately announce a "home-made" outfit!) so I don't miss those "extras" with this machine. It does forward and back, zig-zag and buttonholes. That is all I will ever need. Will update later after using for a while on the longevity of this machine. But it was so cheap ($119 with shipping!) that if it only last a year or two, I will still be happy!