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  • miamibaby - A step ahead but

    I must say yes the game play is great but the graphics are so-so. The reason i chose PES over Fifa 14 is because they had teams like: Croatia,Bosnia, Serbia, Japan and Nigeria ...) but most of the these team players have fake names and the players faces do not match the national teams except the well known players.I will be more cautious on buying a new PES next year and will have to lean towards Fifa if it does not get better with the graphics and animations.


    Damn near plug and play. Plugged everything in, loaded the CD ROM Software, rebooted my computer, attempted to log into my email account and BAM! Nothing. Well, no one ever mentioned, or I did not see or remember it, that you have to call your Cable Internet Service Provider so that they can activate your hardware by identifying, cataloging it and configuring a signal to send out to your unit. Once this is complete, this baby was ready to go and works wonderfully. All passcodes, keys and ID numbers are located either on the bottom or the side of the unit so its all there to present and provide to other WIFI members in your household or network.