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  • http://www.indigolapsed.ee/sonad/ Üks kõiksus (2009) | Indigolaste koduleht - 1. Unelaul kõigile, kes homme tööle lähevad 2. Üks kõiksus 3. Väga tõsised inimesed 4. Kalad ei näkka 5. Verevein 6.
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  • Lily - Seals and keeps wine fresh

    I bought these because a friend of mine had some at her place. I found that these work very well. I did test them out on a wine bottle that was mostly full. Obviously you need to pump less if there is more wine (less air to remove). I heard clicks without a problem. Sometimes I'll pump past the first clicks to increase the vacuum.

  • Elanor - Surprisingly Good!

    I have a big problem with black & green mildew, mold, moss because I live on a wooded lot, no grass. When the UPS guy slipped on my concrete porch I figured I had to do something and I didn't want to pay a bunch of money for someone to come power wash yet again. I have a 225+ foot concrete driveway, a concrete porch, brick paver back patio, and flagstone patio. And my house is cedar. All of those tend to get moldy. I sprayed this stuff on about a month ago and it made a noticeable difference in several weeks. I wasn't sure if it would work in the winter, but we had a cold January with some snow and it did fine. It worked best on the concrete, pretty good on the flagstone, not as good on the brick (though to be fair there is a lot of moss on them) and it kind of strips the stain off my wood siding along with the mildew (which is okay for me since I need to re-stain anyway). I did another application today to reinforce what is already on there. My only problem is that 6 gallons, which this container makes up, really doesn't go very far. I managed to do the porch (about 200 sq. ft.) twice, the brick pavers (about 150 sq. ft.) twice and several large flagstones and a small part of the driveway (maybe 50 sq. ft.) once. I have lots of plants adjacent to these areas, so the fact that this stuff is plant-friendly is a plus for me, in addition to not having to scrub or power wash.

  • Michael Parks - No numpad? No problem!

    So this is my first ever "half" (no numpad) keyboard. Part of the reason I got it is that I wanted more space for my mouse, and I figured that if I ended up missing the numpad keys too much, I could just return it.

  • CM Matz - I felt that the writer did a good job with the story but the book

    I felt that the writer did a good job with the story but the book, overall, fell short of the some of the twists and turns of plot I enjoy in other writers of this time period. I'm guessing this is somewhat due to the fact that the story followed the known details of the main character's life. There were also somewhat long passages dealing with skirmishes and battles at points and I found myself losing interest during these.

  • cOOkiE MonSTeR - Great for health conscious but has limitations

    Great product for health conscious people. It has a built in dock for an iPhone 4S and below. This is its downfall for if you get an iPhone 5 or 5s with the smaller lightening plug it is not compatible.

  • Skot - Great gear oil

    Needed some hypoid great oil for my honda shadow. Even though the manual states to only use honda products, who always uses oem stuff? I've had it in for a few thousand miles and have had no issues. I did do some research and others recommended some other brands also, but this was reasonably priced and I have used other mobile 1 products with great results.