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- Indiana SBIRT @ IU - The Indiana SBIRT initiative aims to integrate SBIRT as a standard of care throughout Indiana. Located at Indiana University (IU Bloomington), we provide training and technical assistance to health care centers and providers.

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  • Amazon Queen - Not great *SPOILERS AHEAD*

    I went into this movie totally blind. Reading reviews before seeing a movie tends to spoil things a bit for me, because no matter how hard reviewers try (and many of them do a fantastic job) some spoilers always leak through. Going into a movie blind means that I can thoroughly enjoy every surprise. For example, I was pumped to see Spiner return; I had thought he was a goner in the first movie. I loved the original and I could not wait to see the sequel. But I was sadly disappointed.

  • Ingris Rodriguez - Oouch that burns!!

    I honestly wanted to give this a big FAT zero because it took me a month to recover from the damage it caused but it did get rid of my mild acne so I had to give it more stars. This stuff works but it will dry up your skin plus it will irritate it too and as if it isn't worst it will make your skin flaky. The moisturizer doesn't hydrate the skin at all I read that is good to add Jajoba oil or some type of oil so you get to hydrate your dry skin. The cleanser and treatment are too harsh on the skin it gets rid of all the oil in your skin leaves you dry as a sandpaper.

  • jacqueline evans - Navigation & back up camera

    It's works great for the value. I have not had any problems up to this point. It works great and so does the camera.

  • Fatima Sandoval - I love this product

    I really love this suppliment because it has natural vitamins for healthy hair growth. I have similar products like that and I'm taking one of them. This product has no side effects and it will not counteract with other medications or suppliments. The shipping conditions were great handeled by the delivery and the seller. I got this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. I highly recommend this product

  • Amazon Customer - Love!

    Love troubleshooter series...can't wait for July!!!! Suzanne never disappoints me....Sam Jules and Izzy are my favorites but I love the whole team and their families.

  • Harrison Fisk - Service department useless

    We received a Sole E35 a bit after Christmas 2009. When we put it together and it immediately made this horrible loud thunking noise on each rotation which caused the entire unit to vibrate.