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  • A. Sinnary - Big Pills, Big mental focus!

    This + ALCAR + good diet + sleep + hydration = incredible mental buzz. I can focus for hours instead of just minutes. Be aware that these pills are huge.

  • Staylorme - If in doubt, get 'em.

    Why oh why was I spending nearly $100 on bluetooth headphones all these years? I have an old loud diesel truck and phone conversations are clear on both ends. I'll have an hour long conversation with them, not charge them for a week and they'll still have enough charge to deal with another hour long call...I haven't let them go longer than that without a charge but I consider that to be outstanding performance. I haven't tried using the other piece for dual audio but I would like to note that with the crossover cable connected the microphone is facing away from my mouth...I'm not sure how this would affect a phone call this way but for listening to music it works just fine.

  • One Human Family - Easy to adjust, features a timer, amazing coverage! Perfection!

    I absolutely love this laser light! We spend countless hours every single year, putting up and taking down a large number of strands of Christmas lights. We will no longer have to climb ladders and put up hooks for those strands. We tried this out even though it's too soon for Christmas lights and it is perfect! The lights completely cover one side of our home and can even be adjusted to cover the trees beside it! This is perfect for anyone who enjoys have Christmas lights and is tired of all the work they require yearly. They are green and red, can be adjusted to be spaced close together or farther apart. Making it extremely easy to adjust to the size of what you need to cover in lights, and the range on how far they shine is great! They can be seen from a good distance away or adusted to shine close. I am amazed at the quality and coverage. This will be the only Christmas lights we use from now on. They also feature a timer so you won't forget to turn them off every morning.

  • MtnWoman - Toxic odor from strap like tires

    I don't know if it works. It smells too much like tires/chemicals to want to even use it. Maybe it works by knocking one out from the fumes. If you love the smell of tire shops, you'll love this.

  • Amazon Customer - Interesting Theories

    Very interesting info, covering a lot of pagan rituals, origins and theories. At times it appeared the author may be trying to indoctrinate the readers into pagan beliefs. So the reader needs to keep in mind the author is really supporting and promoting Christianity. He is simply pointing out the many ways and belief systems the rest of the uninformed world is mislead by, lost in, or confused by. Seems a very well researched book, with many surprising points.

  • Amazon Customer - The product is good-less sweet than the traditional chocolate with fewer calories and more ...

    The product is good-less sweet than the traditional chocolate with fewer calories and more vitamins. I was disappointed in the amount that was in the canister and felt like a smaller container or more of the product would have been beneficial.