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I Love Pugs.com - A comprehensive source of information for all Pug lovers. Pugs are covered in detail. Questions on personality traits, training, care, feeding and health are answered right here.

  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/free-pug-report.html Free Pug Report – Seven Secrets to a Happy Pug - Free Pug Report! Over 40 pages of information that will reveal the 7 Secrets To A Happy Pug. Find out what it’s like to live with one of these cute dogs and the best way to train and care for them.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug.html The Pug Has A Great Personality - Find out what it's like to live with a pug. Their happy personality makes them one of the cutest toy dogs there is.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-books.html Pug Books - We have found these Pug Books to be the most useful and informative and highly recommend each of them.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-facts.html Pug Facts - This page of Pug facts will give you a quick snapshot of this adorable breed of dog.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-information.html Appearance And Other pug information - Pugs are a very attractive breed and this page gives a full description of their appearance and markings and other pug information.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-history.html Pug History Is One Of The Most Interesting Of Small Dog Breeds - Pug History goes back centuries! The Pug has a royal background and dates back to China. Find out why the pug has one of the most interesting histories of all the small dog breeds.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/adopt-a-pug.html Adopt A Pug! - Your decision is made. It’s time to adopt a Pug. Here are some of your choices and the key questions you want to keep in mind.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-personality-traits.html Pug Personality Traits And How To Know If This Type Of Dog Is For You? - Every breed is unique and this short primer in Pug Personality Traits will help you determine whether this type of creature will fit your lifestyle. Pugs are adorable, lovable and make great companio
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-names.html Choosing Dog Names Takes Some Thinking - There are books containing suggested dog names so this is not a subject to be taken lightly. We think every pug deserves the owner’s time and attention to create the perfect name for their companion.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/bringing-your-pug-home.html Bringing Your Pug Home - Bringing your Pug home is an exciting event. Make sure you’re prepared with all of the essentials. Here are some basic tips on what you’ll need.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-activities.html Pug Activities - Pug activities are almost endless. This little breed has been a top competitor in dog shows and has gotten a reputation as a very agile competitor who also receive top marks in obedience.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/traveling-with-your-pug.html Traveling With Your Pug - Pugs love to travel. Pugs love to be with their owners no matter where they go. These tips on traveling with your Pug will help you and your furry friend make your trips a little easier.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-trainers.html Dog Trainers Can Help In Behavior and Training - Dog trainers are not a necessity for having a well behaved dog. These basic tips will help you control your Pug and give you an idea of what to look for in a trainer.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-food.html Pugs and Dog Food Basics - As any Pug owner will tell you, they love to eat and that make the choice of dog food a very critical subject. Although they would love to eat all of the time, it’s better to put some controls on you
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-clothes.html Dog Clothes and Pugs - Dog clothes are extremely popular. Pugs are one of the breeds that don’t mind getting dressed up. There are some guidelines to follow to make sure you’re not causing your Pug any problems.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-health-care.html Pug Health Care should be a big concern for every owner - Pug health care is a major concern for every owner and proper diet, exercise and choice of vet are very important.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-puppies.html Pug Puppies and Potential Problems - Pug puppies are one of nature’s cutest creations. In selecting your dog it’s easy to become a victim of love at first site but take your time and examine your dog for potential problems that Pugs are
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/overweight-dogs.html Overweight Dogs - America in general is overweight and that includes our overweight dogs. An overweight Pug is a problem because of all of the health problems that it creates. This breed is definitely prone to being
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-fences.html Dog Fences and Your Pug - Dog fences will keep your Pug contained in a certain area. All dogs should be contained for their safety. However, there are many things to consider in choosing a method to fence your dog.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-grooming.html Dog grooming and your Pug - Dog grooming is a big business. But you can do a lot of the basics yourself to keep your Pug looking his best.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-photography.html The Art of Dog Photography and Your Pug - Dog photography can be easier than you think. In some ways Pugs make great subjects and they love being the center of attention!
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-rescue.html Pug Rescue Means A New Life for Everyone - Pug Rescue is a very worthwhile cause. It is made up of some very loving people who are dedicated to giving a Pug a new chance. If you’re considering adopting a Pug, this is a great place to start.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/dog-links.html Favorite Dog Links - Our favorite dog links page provides a list of our favorite sites on various subjects. Although not all pertain specifically to Pugs, you will find great information here.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pugs-blog.html I-Love-Pugs Blog - The I-Love-Pugs Blog is the best way to keep up to date on news and information about our favorite breed of dogs-Pugs.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/conner-point.html Conner Point Contact Page - Conner Point Publications is a business focused on creating income opportunities on a part time basis for those interested in supplementing their income. I-Love-Pugs.com is one of those businesses.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-clubs.html Pug Clubs and Events - Pug Clubs offer a great way to meet other Pug owners. List your club information here for free and keep members advised of upcoming events.
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-merchandise.html Pug Merchandise - Pug merchandise is very popular. You can find their cute little faces on all kinds of things from clothing to calendars to mugs and literally hundreds of other things. They make great gifts!
  • http://www.i-love-pugs.com/pug-business.html Starting A Pug Business - Starting a Pug Business is a thought that has occurred to many owners of these cute little dogs. Here are some things to consider before starting your own.

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