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I Have Rosacea - I have rosacea. As a pharmacist, I have endlessly researched what works and what doesn't work. Don't spend your money on books that claim to have a cure....I'll share what I've learned for free.

  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/preventing-flareups.html Preventing flareups - Preventing flareups is the goal of treating rosacea since you can't cure it, and it's harder to treat a flare-up once it happens.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/Metrogel.html Metrogel - Metrogel is a topical treatment for rosacea. I used it for quite a few years, and it worked for me.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/Retin-A.html Retin-A - Retin-A is another debatable treatment for rosacea--it works for some of us, though.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/laser-skin-treatment.html Laser skin treatment - Laser skin treatment for rosacea is an expensive option, but it may have dramatic results.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/what-is-rosacea.html What is rosacea? - What is rosacea? It is an incurable skin condition that causes redness, bumpiness kind of like acne and often visible blood vessels on your face.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/rosacea-treatments.html Rosacea treatments - Rosacea treatments are aimed at decreasing the flare-ups and redness. There are a lot of options, and the costs vary widely.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/diet-to-treat-rosacea.html Diet to treat rosacea - There is no one diet to treat rosacea that is right for everyone, but some triggers might surprise you!
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/my-skincare.html My skincare - People have asked what I use for my skincare. I use a gentle cleanser, a salicylic acid toner, then a serum and sometimes a moisturizer.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/about-me.html About me - I figured you might want to know about me and who I am, besides that I am a fellow rosacea-sufferer.
  • http://www.i-have-rosacea.com/makeup-for-rosacea.html Makeup for rosacea - Gentle makeup for rosacea skin can be really hard to find. In general, the fewer ingredients, the better.

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  • Frosti - Fell apart after only using it 4-5 times - useless at this point...

    Update 7/4 - took this on our trip and although I could hear an incoming call my voice was muffled and no one could hear me. Looked on the internet for solutions and seems to be the microphone is not working. All fixes require buying additional pieces and trying to fix with a tweezers. Do not waste your money - was very disappointed. My husband has one and his worked fine, but mine just quit working. Buying a different type and model. It also started falling off my ear everytime I turned my head to check on traffic.

  • ElectroThug - Great cooler but fan issues.

    I had a CPU temperature that would always hit over 60C and although it wasnt dangerous it was annoying. I was using the stock CPU fan which is really only whispers air over the cpu.

  • Leslie Hall - Running shoes

    These were ordered for my son. He plays football and is very rough on his shoes. These fit great he loved them but they actually only lasted about the same as all of the others. He blew out the soles pretty quickly.

  • Narin S. - It's easy to use

    It's easy to use! And reads everything at close range! Love the fact that it's non-contact because past experiences using a temporal scan thermometer was a pain trying to use it on a fussy infant.