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  • Evon Howell - Great!

    This Valve oil is just fantastic this valve oil is better then the oil I got with my trumpet this you just need 2 or 3 drops on each valve and it just slides up and down it doesn't stick or anything this is just FANTASTIC!

  • Madison - This water bottle is amazing!!

    This water bottle is amazing!!!! It is a 32 oz water bottle that you can put fruit in the middle of it! It does come with a lid to put over the basket which holds your fruit so that way when you are drinking it it doesn’t fall and clog up the drinking area. The lid is has a button you push and it flips open but even better it has a latch that keeps the lid locked down so it doesn’t accidentally open it. It is a Bpa free which is a must have when purchasing water bottles. I put strawberries, raspberries, or even just lemons in my water bottle and then put it in the fridge for a couple hours. That way you get to actually taste the fruit. I love how there isn’t any sugar added and is super easy to throw some fruit in and then set it aside until you are ready to drink. You can also do different fruits or even through some peppermint leaves in there. There are several different things you can use and it's a natural detox! Even better! I did receive this product at a discounted rate in order for the company to receive and honest review and i Absolutely love mine!

  • Eddie Mckinney - Well Worth the money

    This is a Great Product and it is cheaper to order this way than buying smaller bottles at the store. we will buy more.

  • Keith B. - Easy to apply and pleasantly surprised how far it goes.

    I used this to seal six teak Adirondack chairs, two end tables and a bench. I did all of it with about 3/4 of the 32 oz can. When it arrived, I was doubtful I could do all of the furniture with this one can, but I had a good bit left over. This furniture was about 4 months old. After reading about reapplying teak oil and sealers to protect the wood from discoloring ( I don't like the gray look, some do), most advice was to let it weather and dry out the original oil finish for a few months, then, seal it, don't oil it.I did exactly that, letting weather outdoors in Arizona all summer, rain or shine. I simply cleaned them with a damp towel, ran some 00 steel wool over the wood, and wiped it down again before application.

  • Amazon Customer - Myobuild is amazing!!!

    Not a fan of fruit punch but this products taste might change my thoughts.! Phenomenal taste while giving me the recovery I need! Noticed almost instantaneous recovery when taken intraworkout! 5 out 5 for this product!!

  • Beans1975 - This isn't one of those restoration kits where you can ...

    This isn't one of those restoration kits where you can spray on a treatment, walk away, and return to wipe it off after 10 minutes. This kit actually expects some elbow grease out of you. I should tell anyone who plans to use it that you should use the spray bottle sparingly, especially if your headlights are large and wide or long and in two different sections as is the case with my Grand Prix's headlights. If you're too liberal with the spray bottle, you'll run out before the end of the second headlight. Nevertheless, the kit did manage to make a considerable difference in the brightness of my headlights at night.