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HSC Health Care System - HSC Health Care System is committed to serving families with complex health care needs and eliminating barriers to health services.

  • http://www.hschealth.org/careers Work at HSC | HSC Health Care System - Join a HSC and help us to empower people with disabilities to maximize their health and independence.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/donate How to Donate | HSC Health Care System - We want you to make meaningful decisions about your contributions. Take a moment to learn more about The HSC Health Care System.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/health-plan HSCSN Health Plan | The HSC Health Care System - HSCSN is a dedicated Washington, DC Medicaid health plan that coordinates physical, mental, behavioral, & developmental care and services for its members.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/medical-programs-therapy Medical Programs & Therapy | HSC Pediatric Center - The HSC Pediatric Center is a children's hospital in DC that provides medical transitional care and rehabilitation to children and young adults.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/home-care Home Care | HSC Health Care System - Family-centered care in the comfort of your home for infants to 21 years old who have complex health care needs and disabilities.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/young-people-disabilities Information for Young People with Disabilities | HSC Health Care System - We are here to help as you take the next step to adult life — whether it’s finding a job, starting college, or living on your own.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/health-providers Information for Health Providers | HSC Health Care System - Our Health Plan, Pediatric Center, Home Care, and Foundation offer a comprehensive approach to caring, serving and empowering kids with disabilities.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/foundation The HSC Foundation | HSC Health Care System - We work to improve access to services for people who face social and health care barriers due to disability or chronic illness.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/about About the HSC Health Care System | The HSC Health Care System - Learn more about the HSC Health Care System, its mission, and how it all began.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/metro Getting Around During Metro SafeTrack | HSC Health Care System - SafeTrack is Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) year-long effort to repair and make safety updates to the Metrorail system. The effort and planned maintenance surges will impact the entire region.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/health-plan/community-programs Community Programs | HSCSN Health Plan - Find a support group and get involved in activities that support children with special health care needs.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/medical-programs-therapy/services-programs/outpatient-programs Outpatient Programs | HSC Pediatric Center - We offer easy access to family-centered therapy, assessments, and equipment for infants to 21 year olds with complex health care needs.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/home-care/services Services | HSC Home Care - Learn about our services: nursing, home care, infusion therapy, respite care, rehabilitation therapies, licensed clinical social workers, and more.
  • http://www.hschealth.org/about/history HSC's Mission and History | The HSC Health Care System - Our mission and services are built around the needs of the people we serve - infants, children and young adults with complex medical needs and their families.

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