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HPOE Home Page - The American Hospital Association's strategic performance improvement platform, Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence, is a resource repository for hospital leaders and health improvement experts to search for tools, case studies, guides and webinars./

  • http://www.hpoe.org/HealthCareTransformationFellowship/HealthCareTransformationFellowship.shtml AHA Health Care Transformation Fellowship - The Health Care Transformation Fellowship is an intensive, nine month program to provide health care leaders with skills to help their organizations implement innovative delivery and payment system transformation models.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/hpoehretaha-guides/2987 HPOE.org - Health and Wellness Programs for Hospital Employees: Results from a 2015 American Hospital Association Survey - Hospitals can create a culture of health in their own organization and in the community by developing and expanding health and wellness programs and strategies.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/hpoehretaha-guides/2866 HPOE.org - Appropriate Use of Medical Resources Compendium - The compendium offers a toolkit on each of the five areas: blood management, antimicrobial stewardship, ambulatory care sensitive conditions, elective percuta
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/hpoehretaha-guides/2862 HPOE.org - Creating Effective Hospital-Community Partnerships to Build a Culture of Health - Learn how hospitals and communities can develop and sustain partnerships by common themes and successful approaches for developing effective collaboration.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/chair-files/2989 HPOE.org - Addressing Housing Needs to Improve Health Care - University of Vermont Medical Center is partnering with community organizations to address the housing needs of homeless individuals and improve their health.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/chair-files/2988 HPOE.org - Preventing Patient Falls - Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, reduced patient falls and falls with injury by developing innovative solutions to address root causes.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/chair-files/2984 HPOE.org - Rural Collaborative Improves Behavioral Health Care Access, Integration - A health care collaboration in rural Missouri is expanding patient access to primary and behavioral health care services. In Lexington, Mo., as in many rur
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/chair-files/2979 HPOE.org - Resources and Education for Transforming Health Care - The Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence website at HPOE.org offers a wealth of resources for performance improvement and health care delivery transformation.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/guidesreports/2982 HPOE.org - Preventing Patient Falls - This HPOE guide describes the types of risks that lead to patient falls, the root causes for those risks, solutions designed to reduce them and case studies.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/hanys-case-studies/2990 HPOE.org - Improving Nutrition for Seniors - Adirondack Health is providing eligible, low-income seniors with coupons to local farmers markets coupons to purchase fresh produce and fresh-cut herbs.
  • http://www.hpoe.org/resources/hanys-case-studies/2991 HPOE.org - Reducing Readmissions through Prescription Delivery Services - Implemented by Crouse Hospital, MedEx Bedside Prescription Delivery is the very first bedside medication delivery service for hospital patients.

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