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Hotel Rice Palacio de los Blasones, Burgos | Web oficial - Hotel de 4 estrellas con encanto en el corazón de Burgos. Antigua casa palacio reformada con amplias habitaciones, restaurante y magníficas instalaciones para eventos.

  • http://www.hotelricepalaciodelosblasones.com/ofertas/ Ofertas Burgos | Hotel Rice Palacio de los Blasones - Mejor precio - Las mejores ofertas del Hotel Rice Palacio de los Blasones en Burgos. Reserve al mejor precio garantizado aquí, en Web oficial

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    City: -122.3933 California, United States

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    Used it on my couch to prevent soiling from my dog rubbing on the edges. also used it to prevent color from my denim getting on to my top and bags. I spray it on my pans at the waist area, let it dry and then put them on. The color the does not rub off on tot my top and bags.

  • Amazon Customer - How to fix this garbage when it breaks

    This unit has a very crappy thermal fuse. I used it once and went back to use it a second time and it didn't work. I used it outside on a cool day so it was not broken from overheating by being in a confined space. If you take off the covers on the bottom of feet there are 4 screws which disassemble the body. Near the plug there is a small thermal fuse linked by two little screws. You can override it by just removing it and using a piece of copper wire in its place (the unit does not have a fail safe now), or you can spend around 5 bucks on amazon or ebay and buy a replacement fuse (just search thermal fuse 121 or you could get one at an even higher temp). Other than that you can throw it out.

  • John Frye - Condition was less than advertised.

    This book had been used over several years by about a half-dozen high school students, even though it had been billed as in excellent condition. It's perfectly useful and no pages were missing; but the condition was not as advertised.

  • R. Dionne - Bendy as promised

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