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  • Regina 617 - Hair No Longer Falls Out

    This is my third bottle and will reorder another this week. When I stopped using it for 2 weeks, I noticed that my hair was falling out as usual. While using hair Essentials, I noticed that few hairs were in my brush, comb, and shower. My hair is fuller, I will continue to use.

  • Dave - We find it to be very useful in planning trips and knowing in advance what is ...

    Have been using the Next Exit for years while traveling the country as full time RV'ers. We find it to be very useful in planning trips and knowing in advance what is coming up at the next exit. Great guide.

  • Cymoril - Not Official?

    The consistency of this product was vastly different from the sample I had. The color was off, the coverage was abysmal, and finally I ordered from the place I received the sample. Not only was the packaging and size different, but the product was thicker and more effective. Don't trust random Amazon sellers; this might be a knock-off.

  • David Galli - Oh sure, the cover LOOKS exciting...

    Ok. This movie stinks! If you want to be preached at about God through the whole thing, this movie is for you. This movie has more preaching in it than action (which is sub-par at best) Don't waste your money. I wouldn't pay $.25 for this movie. If you are like me and love a B-rated disaster flick, this will REALLY disappoint! This movie belongs in a Christian book store or a church library.

  • Uribe Lopez - Worked for one of us ha ha

    I was initially interested in this chin strap for my husband's snoring, but it did not fit well on him, it was too small. I then tried it on myself and again it was small. It did fit but it was a bit tight.

  • K.G. - Not impressed.

    I was not impressed with this conditioner. It was ok, but not great, or even good. I actually prefer my cheapo Herbal Essences volumizing shampoo to this disappointment. The one nice thing I can say about this product is that it smells amazing and coconutty. But that's it. Sorry Ogx, I want to like you, but this is another miss for me. (Come to think of it, I have never liked a Ogx product. Perhaps it's time for me to move on from this brand.)