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Homemade Hints | DIY, Recipes, Gardening, Natural Remedies, More - DIY solutions and homemade creations. Home improvement, recipes, garden tips, natural home remedies and more. Learn to do it better for less.

  • http://www.homemadehints.com/tips/gardening/ Gardening Tips, Building Greenhouses, Vegetables and Fruits - Our DIY gardening section covers everything from building your own backyard greenhouse to using your own nutrient rich compost soil to grow the best organic fruits and vegetables. We have information about testing your soil, fertilizers, integrated pest management, keeping grazing critters out, how to build raised garden beds, container gardening for those who don't have the space, crop rotation, garden tools, starting plants indoors from seed for transplanting later when the weather warms, irrigation and more.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/tips/health/ Health and Wellness, Natural Home Remedies, Alternative Therapies - Our health and wellness section covers everything from natural home remedies, natural food products, alternative therapies, health product reviews, pet health, fitness, diet and nutrition and more. Follow the links below for all our health and wellness articles.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/tips/homemade-recipes/ Homemade Recipes from Scratch - Easy, homemade reciepes from scratch. Better for you and your family. All natural ingredients and cheaper than store-bought.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/tips/diy-home-improvement/ DIY Projects, Home Improvement and Repair - Our DIY home improvement section is about helping you with your own DIY projects, home repair, tips for remodeling, organization, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, insulation, lighting, plumbing, electrical, hvac and more.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/diy-greenhouse-plans/ DIY Greenhouse Plans - Build Your Own Greenhouse - Two DIY greenhouse plans for building either a small, portable pvc greenhouse with plastic sheeting or a large, walk-in greenhouse with wood frame for your garden.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/raised-bed-gardening-plans/ Raised Bed Gardening Plans and Tips For Growing More Vegetables - Here are raised bed gardening plans for how to build a raised garden bed using your choice of wood, stone, block or other materials. No kit needed. Tips for
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/black-elderberry-syrup-recipe/ Black Elderberry Syrup Recipe for Colds and Flu - Here is a simple, 3-ingredient black elderberry syrup recipe you can make for cold and flu season. Cheaper than buying Sambucus or Sambucol brand syrups.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/natural-sunscreen-recipe-zinc-oxide/ All Natural Sunscreen Recipe With Micronized Zinc Oxide - An easy 3-ingredient all natural sunscreen recipe made with non-nano micronized zinc oxide. Goes on virtually clear, good for sensitive skin and children.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/whipped-body-butter-recipe/ Homemade Whipped Body Butter Recipe - How to make your own homemade whipped body butter recipe with all-natural ingredients. Save money by DIY, but also create a skin product that's non-toxic.
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/black-elderberry-syrup-extract-benefits/ Does Black Elderberry Syrup Fight Cold and Flu Viruses? - You can reduce the severity of your cold and flu symptoms and well as the duration of your illness by taking black elderberry syrup, Sambucus or Sambucol at
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/hario-mini-mill-slim-coffee-grinder/ Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Grinder Makes a Great Cup of Coffee - The Hario Mini Mill Slim coffee grinder produces consistent grounds as good as expensive electric burr grinders. Easy to use, clean and travel with, our fav
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/sad-blue-light-therapy-box-insomnia/ Blue Light Therapy Box for Insomnia and SAD | Review of Light Boxes - A blue light therapy box can be a great natural alternative treatment if you have trouble sleeping and/or are depressed from SAD. 2 of the best boxes are
  • http://www.homemadehints.com/about-homemade-hints/ About Homemade Hints - DIY Tips, Recipes, Home Improvement, More - We have a DIY (Do-It-Yourself), self-reliance philosophy when it comes to our lifestyle. Here we share our knowledge of how to do things for yourself.
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  • Joseph Costa - The essays all had hidden agendas about circumstances in life ...

    The essays all had hidden agendas about circumstances in life that we either forget or wanted not to remember. I know I related to my own life to some of the stories.

  • dosmalo - So far - so good. I'm not going into a long drawn out ...

    So far - so good. I'm not going into a long drawn out critique yet but I can tell you the picture quality is great, the remote is great and it only weighs 16 pounds!!!. Audio not so great but I'm assuming LG knows this anyway and figures most people are going to ditch the factory audio for a separate surround sound home theater hook up.

  • jennychiang - Beautiful writing. It's so great to read material of ...

    Beautiful writing. It's so great to read material of this quality from such young writers. My personal favorite was Hard to Breathe -- riveting and gut-wrenching. I wish more students were taught to write this well. These kids should all be so proud!

  • Tawnya Nicholas - These drinks taste great! All the flavors are delicious and give me ...

    These drinks taste great! All the flavors are delicious and give me enough energy to make it through my day!