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    I have been having a blast with this virtual reality headset. Although at my age it did get me a bit dizzy but I think i also have a bit of vertigo so I had to sit down to use them otherwise I made myself dizzy fro looking all around and almost fell over..HAHA I love that there is also free apps from the play store to use for these as I will be giving them as a birthday gift...although it is not his birthday yet so I am going to enjoy using them for a bit longer.

  • Hafharhrhr Amalmahay - Just great - like getting a new computer

    Replaced an old 320GB HDD from a 7 year old Windows 7 machine. I first cleaned and de-gunked the old C: drive, then used the Samsung disk duplicate utility, then swapped disks and rebooted. It went very smoothly. I have kept the old disk as a drop in replacement in case anything ever happens to this SSD. But so far the only difference is it is much faster to boot, much faster to launch things, much faster to resume, and dead quiet. It has now been running for at least a month, everything is perfect.

  • Alex P. Berg - Glad I Tried It...

    So I'm in my mid-20s, and the hair on the front half of my scalp has been slowly thinning for a couple years now. It was getting to the point where I was starting to be self-conscious about it, so I figured I would go ahead and give this stuff a shot.

  • Socially_distorted - Awesome works every time!

    Great product. I've been using the stuff for years and have never failed a UA. I stop using about 16 hours before my test and drink a ton of water and have yet to fail my monthly test

  • Carlos Mendez - When your skin needs a boost

    This mask is AMAZING! I have tried quite a few sheet masks but I have never had results like this before. The mask fits nicely on my face and doesn't slide off which is a plus! After wearing it for about 25 mins I took it off and looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize my own skin! My face was so glowy and bright, it looked like I was radiating light! These were of course just the immediate effects and they did wear off but it left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. I highly recommend these masks to anyone looking to get a boost of hydration and brightness to their skin.

  • Akasha312 - I absolutely love the viva naturals aromatherapy diffuser

    I absolutely love the viva naturals aromatherapy diffuser. The neat thing is it changes colors or you can stop it on a specific color. You put 100ml of water into the oil tank and add 4-6 drop of essential oil to it ( I put 2 drops in it so the smell isn't too overpowering) I have been using sweet dreams oil in my baby nursery to help soothe my cranky babies, it really does help they sleep longer and sounder than they used to. You can set it for a constant mist or 30 second bursts of mist.