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  • Z. G. - Nice for fine hair

    Really like the way this makes my hair feel. My hair is very fine and this shampoo doesn't weigh it down or make it greasy. Don't care for scent but will use again despite this. Too hard to find a descent shampoo that works on my hair.

  • R. Ault - Much worse from a performance standpoint than the worst of the old Norton products.

    I have a number of systems here, including desktops and laptops with varying types of connectivity. They range from old 700GHz P4 units up to recent, relatively fast quad-cores, and I run a range of different antivirus programs as well - under the theory that since no single solution is ever 100% up to date (as proven by the failure of each and every one of them to detect new threats that have gotten through in the past) it is wise to have several different methods of detection of malware on the network-connected systems. As a result, I've had Symantec's Norton Internet Security and the free versions of AVG and Avast in use for some time, and I recently added Kaspersky Internet Security on one of the most heavily-used machines. And I am annoyed to have to say that Kaspersky has, by far, proven to be the worst from a system performance hit standpoint. I will most likely swap the Kaspersky out for AVG or Symantec, or perhaps try one of the previously untested competitors, in the very near future. At present, Kaspersky has been running a full system scan on this machine for 11 hours, and it is only at 22% completion. Part of the problem appears to be that it stalls almost totally when it encounters something that it considers a threat that is inside of an archive of any kind; some old backups from a website that had been hit years ago with a worm triggered a warning earlier, and since I really didn't need those backups anymore, I told it to eliminate the threat. That was about an hour ago. Any minute now, it will pop up another dialog box telling me that it can't get rid of the threat without deleting the whole archive, to which I will reply by clicking on the "Delete" button, and it will take a good many minutes more for it to follow that instruction. I know this because I've already been through this lather-rinse-repeat cycle over both such infected-website-backup archives and some inbound emails that had trojans inside zips. Even with those far simpler emailed zipfile attachments (containing nothing *but* the malware) it took a long time for Kaspersky to deal with them. Its own internal update routines also seem to have issues; five days ago, Kaspersky complained that it needed to update itself (which seemed odd, since I had it configured to do that automatically) and the update stalled at 17% for more than 24 hours before I finally rebooted and restarted the process.

  • Justin Beasley - Neverwet Neverdries - Overpriced garbage in a can

    This stuff is pure garbage, not ready for the big world and has limited uses. Never mind that it dries milky, I don't care about that part. The fact is that it never really dries completely or so it seems by it's texture. Weeks later it still has a slightly tacky/velvety, spray adhesive feel to it. If you touch it you will feel it on your fingers for a while so it comes off on your skin. My second beef with this garbage is that it continually degrades until it powders off of whatever you sprayed within weeks and I'm not talking about fabric or anything flexible like clothing or a flag, etc, I'm talking about an inflexible wooden object kept indoors and rarely touched. I can see the powder build up in crevices and folds of the object sprayed. Third: Any petroleum based liquid or terpenoid fluid will dissolve this stuff immediately. Don't even think of spraying citri-solv nearby let alone on it. This stuff repels water ONLY and for a relatively short period of time. This crap is WAY too expensive for it's limited use and poor material qualities. If you need a temporary water barrier for an inflexible object that doesn't get touched then fine, I can see it's utility but I can not recommend this to anyone for any other use with clear conscience.

  • Jo Vic - a file with fine grit, to make my foot feel smooth

    I returned it. The 2 roller it came with have same size of grits, too way course. Although the roller grind the callous, my foot felt rough. I still have to use another product, a file with fine grit, to make my foot feel smooth. My review would have been a lot different if this product came with a course grit roller and a fine grit roller.

  • Nina - Not sure if worth the money

    I am on week 3 trying this as a replacement to another moisturizer. I had read the reviews and was torn but decided to try it as I have also been trying his lifting eye serum and no foundation foundation and like those. FIrst of all, the reviews other people talk about with respect to the overpowering fragrance is true. Why it has to smell of roses I don't know, but it reminds me of cheap purfume. Also the bottles are so fragile. Dropped mine accidentally and it shattered into little pieces. I wish the bottles did not break as it's easy to drop things and you're out 100 bucks or whatever they cost. Also I noticed a bunch of little bumps on my chin and around my nose. My aesthetician saw me and wondered why I had this new occurrance. I recalled I had started the new moisturizer about the same time these little bumps along with some itching began around certain areas of my face. She thought, and so do I, that it's the fragrance, as this often can irritate the face. I follow Perricone's diet pretty religiously and started taking several of his recommended supplements but I wasn't impressed with this product.

  • Amazon Customer - " I received it with about 56% life and it charged up pretty quick. I keep it in my backpack I ...

    This is a beast. Lots of juice ready to charge your devices. I do not have a tablet but I have charged a few phones with this. Much nicer than my 3000maah battery I was previously using. Now I do not have to be stingy with my "juice." I received it with about 56% life and it charged up pretty quick. I keep it in my backpack I take everyday for work. This would also be great for travel or for someone who is always on the move and does not like hunting for outlets. The built in LED light and percentage display is great for night time and knowing exactly how much juice you have. The screen tells you the output you are charging at when you plug it in. The 3 ports offer me great convenience when taking many devices.