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Helene B. Leonetti MD: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Menopausal Support, Nutrition, Overall Health and Wellness - Dr. Leonetti accommodates her patients with a number of services, including: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutritional Consults, Overall Health and

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  • R. Miranti - Great classic

    Great classic game. Doesn't always work to summon the spirits, but when it does, it WORKS! Don't blame me if it doesn't work for you, but if you enjoy venturing into the paranormal, or just want to observe some mysterious answers coming from a glowing board, this is for you! Plus, glow in the dark means you can play in the dark, only adding to the excitement!

  • newmommy81 - I Love UPPAbaby

    I read reviews on this product, but I really don't think this product deserves some of the low ratings. I haven't had any problems nor have I had to put in extra effort to recline the seat as others have. I gave it 4 stars simply because there are not 2 cup holders. Other than that I very happy with this product.

  • Todd Strandberg - A Great Read

    One senses the fear building. "The end is near!" A mental image of the little bearded man in a long robe holding a placard affixed to a wooden stake with those words in broad red letters comes to mind. Only it isn't a cartoon we are facing, but the end of the world as we've known it. Planet earth is about to--because of powerful astral alignment dynamics--most likely suffer instant pole reversals, thus horrific tectonic plate shifts. This will cause the catastrophic end for most, perhaps all, human life. This is the fear of proponents of ancient Mayan Calendar predictions.

  • eryder - he loves it and it's the perfect size for his gym clothes and shoes

    Got for my boyfriend, he loves it and it's the perfect size for his gym clothes and shoes. It's not huge, but big gym bags are obnoxious anyway, unless you have a lot of gear.