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  • RedChloe - Effective.

    My little black cat is so very allergic to fleas that she is a kind of a "canary in the mine" for fleas. We had been using drops (the ones that used to be prescription, but are now OTC) for several years with enough success that she only got a few itchy bumps, and the other cats were OK. Of course they HATED the drops. Last spring we moved, and I had no idea how many flea eggs were hiding in the backyard mulch until the little canary cat's fur abruptly started falling out from all the flea bites. This despite the drops. Changed drops. After treating the yard and house, and steaming the house, thrice, the problem was lessened but by no means gone. So when it was time for more drops (the ones that are still prescription this time), I got these collars instead. The cats were surprisingly calm about the collars, and accepted them with no issues. No more fleas. period. No more itchy bumps at all. I am replacing them now at 6 months (instead of 8) just to be on the safe side, but have not found any more fleas on the cats since getting Seresto collars. None. With wildlife and all, the yard has to be treated regularly, but still not one flea on my allergic cat. Not a speck of flea dirt on any of their beds. My oldest cat is 16. The largest is 18 lbs. The little allergic one is 6 lbs. None of them have shown the least bad reaction to the collars. Also, long run, the collars cost less than the drops.

  • NolaBrad - It is easy to use and should come in handy for future ...

    Tested koozie over the weekend. I was surprised to see how well it worked. It is easy to use and should come in handy for future events. We plan to order more for St. Patrick's Day.

  • Kimie M Pruessner - Great add-on for a sprinkler controller -- easy to use and effective

    I got this because I wanted to be able to control my sprinkler from my phone without having to buy a whole new controller. The app is easy to use, and I like that it can follow my city's water restriction schedule. Installation was easy -- took me about 10 minutes.