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Audiologist for hearing disorders including Tinnitus - Dr Tanja Beeton is an audiology practice for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders including mild to severe hearing loss and tinnitus.

  • http://www.hearingprofessionals.co.za/about.html Dr Tanja Beeton - Professional Audiologist - Dr Tanja Beeton is a professional audiologist with her practice in Durbanville. She is qualified and experiencedand has more than a decade of experience.
  • http://www.hearingprofessionals.co.za/supply-and-fit.html Hearing aids improve hearing by amplifying sound - Hearing aids are apparatuses with the appearance of a small electronic device.  The specific purpose is of improving hearing by amplifying certain sounds.
  • http://www.hearingprofessionals.co.za/repairs.html Damaged hearing aids are repaired by Dr Tanja Beeton - At Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology we repair hearing aids ensuring none of our patients will go without their hearing aid devices for an extended period of time.
  • http://www.hearingprofessionals.co.za/hearing-tests.html For hearing test assessments contact Dr Tanja Beeton - Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology provides hearing tests, performed within her on-site, custom built sound booth. Here, she is able to gain accurate results.
  • http://www.hearingprofessionals.co.za/hearing-protection.html Hearing protection by Dr Tanja Beeton - Dr Tanja Beeton can help patients prevent hearing damage and ultimately hearing loss by providing them with custom made hearing protection devices.
  • http://www.hearingprofessionals.co.za/contact.html Contact Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology - For more information on Dr Tanja Beeton’s audiology services, feel free to pay us a visit or contact us for more information.

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