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  • russki - great product for the price!!

    I have to say that this is a great waffler. I have used a recipe that is as runny as whole milk and have used Krusteze (i can spackle walls with this stuff) thick as can be mix--this waffler makes perfect waffles every time. Easy to set up, easy to understand, easy to use and looks both retro and modern at the same time. Can't really complain. It is also as easy or as difficult to clean as any other waffler--all depends on your dilligence.P.S. I do believe that it makes the THICKEST waffles on the market--great to fill up crevices with jams and you don't need to keep adding syrup as you eat, the dimples are so deep that you can actually...well you get the picture. Happy eating.

  • healthcare advocate - Great surround soundtrack, colorful cinematography, well-cast,and believable action hero portrayed by Dwayne Johnson

    There's something about a "remake" of older movies that makes me hesitate; some have been quite disappointing, with more emphasis on crazy stunts, or special effects, sometimes overshadowing the story line---or worse, lousy acting. Well this film did NOT disappoint me. In fact, it was different from a lot of movies that feature a "super hero" (main) character, such as that played by "The Rock," Dwayne Johnson. He didn't portray an out-of-control, invincible warrior, but more often exercised restraint, recognizing that war leaves deep scars on both sides. This film moved along quickly, and I found the cinematography more colorful than the drab, almost tawny tones seen in other recent films featuring urban scenes, and scenes with non-stop action (excluding filming in diminished light which naturally reduces visible colors).

  • Moyende Kamali - Over done!!

    No way! ...Well, let me say that I am a serious lover of TWD! That is/was my show! The TV show that I actually made time in my life to watch. Be that as it may, I am befuddled as to how one man can have so much power in the apocalypse. He, Negan, even has had people say that "Negan owns this, and Negan owns that." That's just unbelievable. Does he have a brain washing machine that they are going to reveal in the 12th season or something? What the?!?! I think the writing has gone south. Last, there is absolutely no way that Rick will ever succumb to this Negan guy as his owner. Rick is plotting his revenge. Again, stupid writing.