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  • Michelle Dean - I LOVE this range hood

    I am probably more excited about writing this review than you are reading it. I LOVE this range hood. It sucks air like nobody's business! Some reviewers reported that it was loud, but I didn't think so. I have an open floor plan and can hear the TV just fine when the fan is on. It really removes all the smoke and smell form cooking. Did I mention it is gorgeous!!! My friends and family love the refined look and I love the complements.

  • ryankasey - They ruined good thing...

    I am disappointed that Microsoft has once again ruined a perfectly good piece of software. Publisher has always been pretty user friendly until now. There are too many characteristics that parallel the same difficulties I am having with the use of Windows 8 (also very user UNFRIENDLY). Once again, Microsoft doesn't listen to the people who actually buy their software. Publisher could have used a few upgrades but a complete overhaul was unnecessary. The menu bars and not easy to navigate, you have to keep going from one to the other too often and the simple things like making a line thicker or narrower is almost impossible. I just wasted $100. In fact, I ended up buying Serif Page Plus 7. It too has a learning curve but is a lot easier than Publisher. Hey Microsoft...Making changes just for the sake of making changes is not good business. I can't believe I just wasted $100.

  • Jay Charley - a very good indoor ball

    Everyone knows this is the 'official' ball of volleyball. It's a great ball to play with, moves true through the air, and it's very 'spinable'. The color pattern is great for setters as well; it's easy to see which way the ball is spinning, and how fast. BUT this is a 'hard' ball, so while the hitters [like me] love it, the non hitters/back row players/women almost unanimously hate this ball, preferring a much softer one. In fact of all the nights/leagues I play in, only one league will use this one, all the others use a softer ball.

  • Tom Russell - The bad news is the link eventually comes back

    Having almost abandoned my hot tub because of leak I couldn't get to, I tried Fix A Leak as a last resort. And all I can say is.... it works! I use a whole bottle and it stops the leak in 15 minutes. You have to take filters out.....and then drain after leak stops. Let it sit empty for a few days and then clean out residue before refilling.