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Gematria Products | Nutritional supplements & antioxidant formulas - Superior health promoting nutritional, amino acid and antioxidant supplements with herbals, liquids and capsules. High quality, L-arginine, L-ornithine, glutathione, L-Lysine, GABA, branch chain amino acids. Physical Energy, rejuvenation, longevity, cardiovascular, heart and immune health are some of Gematria Products specialities.

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  • Melonie Tanner - Wasted my money

    My sister was coming to visit so I ordered one for each of us. I was SO excited. Both of us have such dry feet and suffer from cracked heels. We took pictures of our feet before we started. I had read the reviews and some of the suggestions from other users that the product worked for. We soaked our feet first, wore the booties for probably a little longer than instructed just to be sure and we soaked our feet each night after. Two weeks later we came to the conclusion it was not going to work. It's been a few months now so I think I'm safe to say it didn't work. Wasted my money.

  • david rice - Not for me

    sorry produce did nothing for me but give me gas , smells awful , I given a discount on this product for my honest and unbiased review , I hope you find my reviews helpful

  • Angel - Good

    Looks really cool and fits great. It runs true to its size. I had heard that these jerseys usually run smaller that the size you get so I got XL but it fits big (cause I'm a size L) so yeah, just order the size you are.

  • Bob S - Great program for accounting and business

    I needed this program for a work Mac computer and downloaded it and it works great, does everything you need. Problem is I need to go back to college and get an accounting degree to understand it all. Not the programs fault, just mine !

  • beanbutt - My hair is getting longer, however I purchase the ...

    My hair is getting longer, however I purchase the product for more fullness and I'm not seeing that right now. But I'm only on the first bottle and I have cut the ends of my hair twice since I have started to take the vitamin. So far as side effects, when I first start to take the vitamins I did experience some headaches, but it could have the result of me not drinking coffee. I lost my taste for coffee. HOO-RAY, I will be ordering two more bottles. I'm willing to try them for three months to see if there is a difference in my hair, I am a license cosmetologist and I have tried every thing since my hair start to fall due aging and hormonal changes. I will update after my three months

  • Emira - This is an excellent product, it is huge can fit a ton ...

    This is an excellent product, it is huge can fit a ton of cargo. We use it to transport supplies for a community puppet show and its great to fill up and throw on top of the car. I feel like it would be perfect for a PE class filled with balls and sporting equipment. The material is very thick and the zippers are good quality the only flaw I have seen is that the velcro straps around the product to secure in the zipper was sewed on incorrectly and doesn't align properly. A minor issue when everything else functions perfectly. I must say I was really surprised with the size for the price. I have seen bags 1/4th its size cost the same. Great product I was fortunate enough to try this product out for my honest review!

  • Gabriella Shawver - I was completely happy with everything except that one chisel had slightly melted ...

    I bought these for my boyfriend as a gift. I was completely happy with everything except that one chisel had slightly melted rubber on the back side. Amazing deal!