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  • Sumori Touri - I was happy to find this private seller who had exactly what ...

    I use this product on a daily bassist, I started several years ago when I noticed my hair thinning. I was dumbfounded, then by chance I read the warnings on that came with my prescriptions and there it was " May cause Hair thinning or Balding" I headed to the drug store and found those Minoxidil 5% products that had been discounted but still costly so I went home and went online and at that time there were more than a dozen

  • Rose DesRochers - a new way of learning how to ride a bike.

    It is a small, light weight bike and the saddle is set low so children can reach the ground with their feet.

  • Herbert - I can truly say that they are a fantastic virus program and now they are adding other things are equaly as fantastic.

    I have been a loyal user of the program ever since I came across it on the Internet over eight years ago. I was looking for a better program than I was using at the time. I was having a lot of trouble that program and they were Jacking the prices.Avast came along at just the right time. I like everything about it and have never had a problem my computer just keeps working wonderfuly. I would recommend it to every one. oh and did I mention they let you have it the first year for free. I do not have enough words to tell them how grateful and to thank them for all the good service over the many years.

  • Mike - Product looks good a little noisy my biggest complaint is I went ...

    Product looks good a little noisy my biggest complaint is I went ductless with it because of venting issues with that you can't find anybody who sells the charcoal filters for it seriously at this point it's been up for 4 months and have not been able to use it. I'm about to tear it off the wall and throw it away and start over. I would not recommend this product if your going ductless. BTW they advertise if going ductless go to Amazon for your filters they have not not had any for 2 years!

  • potentialpharmacist - splendid

    I recieved the book in a timely matter as well as in perfect condition. I could not be more satisfied with the porduct and how I recieved it.

  • Flensr - nice tablet for kids, great for parents trying to protect kids from bad internet content

    Its limited but that's why I like it. Most of the educational games we got for the tablet are a bit more "game" focused than "education" focused, but that's not too bad. There are lots of other options for more full-featured tablets if that's what you want, like the kindle fire kids edition which is awesome but a bit too much for what we want with our kids, regarding media consumption devices. These are fine and the kids (age 2, 6, 7) like them. And if they out-grow their interest in them, they can return to spending their free time with our bookshelf or at the library :)

  • Raymond Lee - Great for speed training

    Great product and they have tons of videos that fit accordingly to your sport. The downside is that you're paying $30 for a large velcro.