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  • Book Worm - Just like the magazine, photos too.

    I was a little apprehensive to get this magazine based on the reviews about it not having all of the photos, but it apparently depends on which device you are viewing the magazine. I use the Kindle app for iPad, and the magazine is exactly like the print version, full colored photos and all. Since a 30 day free trial is offered, give it a try and see how it looks on your device.

  • Ivan - OH YEAH...!!!

    Perfect fit..!!! Looks awesome...!!! The installation of the brake pedal can be tricky... I was able to install mine on my first try.. Just remember to boil some water to immerse the brake pedal two or three minutes before you attempt to install it. I install it from top to bottom.

  • david j mareska - Perfect Novel for the History/Fantasy reader !

    My wife bought this book for me, since I am disabled and have plenty of time on my hands. I finally read it while i was in the hospital and from the first page I couldnt put it down. If i was a writer this is the style i would pick. He perfectly blends the historical with fantasy witout being goofy. Stiger is a great main character and i love the way Marc slowly blends in the fantasy elements into the story. I just bought the 2nd book and will jump right into it as soon as i finish this review. Great job Marc !!! I will catch up with your writing very soon. I look forward to reading everything you put on paper. You cheer me up and make my days go faster. Thanks again-David Mareska

  • Erin - Worth the money

    My sons sensitive stomach meant we spent his first 2 months trying to find the right formula- this is it! He is now a happy spitter, instead of a grumpy spitter- he still spits up, but he had no discomfort- which makes for s happier mama!

  • Amazon Customer - It REALLY works for me

    I have been using only Thermofit for 2 1/2 months and I have lost 18 pounds. At first I did have mild cramping and direhea but this only lasted for about three days. I have not changed my diet but I have noticed that my ability to eat large portions has deminished. I have not implemented any exercise other than normal everyday physical activity. For the past week I have weighed myself every morning and this week alone I have been losing 1/2 a day!! I can handle that!! Right now I am 218 pounds and my goal is 170. If things keep going in this direction I will surely reach my goal before the end of the year.

  • xerces1492 - Great mid-range bike!

    I got my Trace Sport at Performance Bikes with a white/red/black color scheme (it was a special edition I think). I actually didn't know how to ride a bike before I got this one (go ahead, laugh) but don't be fooled, I've tested other bikes after this one but this is a great bike for the price and I'm really happy with it. It has all the speed of a road bike with the ruggedness (and heft) of a mountain bike. The fastest gear is super-fast and if you're in city traffic you'll find yourself pulling out in front of the car next to you from a dead stop. Along with the fast, smooth drivetrain comes a pair of cabled disc brakes which are extremely useful among Pittsburgh's many hills. Don't touch the rotors after a long, steep descent though. It's a very confident ride especially where potholes are common; this bike handles all sorts of hazards like a champ. It's pretty light as well for everyday commuting but it can't beat a road bike in that department. My only qualm is that the frame is pretty wide to make space for the brakes and since disc brakes still aren't terribly common, you're going to need to spec order some parts (rear racks for instance). Even so, this bike has great value written all over it.