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  • Gmom - Perfection

    I received this in an IPSY bag, fell in love with it. I always hated having to buy new blush, this was perfect color, went on perfect...my absolute new favorite!


    Although it's a nice quality product, and I only purchased based on customer reviews, I was sadly disappointed. I installed mine in nice hot weather for maximum plastic flexibility and tape adhesion. There is a plastic piece at front lower edge of both front windows on my 2016 CX5, and these pieces don't QUITE conform to the raised edge they create, hence causing weak or no tape adhesion in this area. I wish they made an in-rail product like this as I think that type might hold/wear better after running through a car wash ad infinitum for the 10 years or more I plan to have this car! Also, one of the pieces loosened and caused disconcerting flapping noises at highway speed, thus ending my relationship with product, which I removed and tried to return. Seller DID NOT WANT PRODUCT BACK but still gave me refund. That said, I wonder how many other "unsuccess" stories have not made it into these reviews...side note: tape stretches REALLY BAD if you stick on/pull off so you better BE SURE you have it placed properly or you will be trimming excess tape and then trying to get it back on with no gaps or you defeat the whole purpose of having these in the first place!!! I DO NOT recommend this to any perfectionists like me or people who aren't very good with tedious projects as you will be wildly frustrated if you're in either category. I gave 3 stars because it's a nice product but you get no templates/instructions, not even alcohol pads to clean before installing. I used my own alcohol to clean and drank the rest when it got so frustrating! Ha ha just kidding! ;O)

  • Johanna Hudson - and my complexion looks good, too

    I just received this product today. I wanted a moisturizer that didn't make my skin greasy (because I have oily skin), help with my dry skin, and also had an SPF in it for protection from the sun. I must say, I'm impressed! My skin actually looks less greasy than usual, and my complexion looks good, too. My skin does feel a little dry still, but that may be because of the acne cleanser I use. If you have oily skin and you're looking for a moisturizer that isn't greasy and has SPF, this is product for you!!

  • barb - Good toaster oven

    I'm replacing my old one and have not used the new one yet. I was very happy with the old one that's why I bought this one.

  • Awesome!!! - Scum gone!

    CLR- I have hard water, so there's a lot of deposit on my shower door and sink. CLR cleans soap and scum from my glass shower door with little effort. Also cleans my stainless steel sink very well. Good to have around the house. Does the job very well.

  • RoseAnn - I would recommend

    It is very light and although it does not cover completely, it is exactly what I was looking for. You need to use a little more than the directions indicate, but there is quite a bit in the bottle. I read a review prior to purchasing that suggested a darker tone than you would normally purchase so I did and it was perfect. I would definitely recommend.

  • Susan B. Beetem - TV RIPOFF!!

    I bought the system...it is not any good...It burns a chicken or turkey on top and doesn't cook the bottom...instead of 30 min. it took 2 hrs!!! I returned it and only received $79....I paid $200!!!! They said it is over $100 to ship!!!... I paid $50 UPS shipping to return...All in All...I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TV RIPOFF!! OH YEAH...INFRARED?...ALL THERE IS AN ELECTRIC COIL AND A FAN!!!