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  • Amazon Customer - Missing Outlander? This can tide you over.

    This is a great book describing the inner workings of the Outlander TV Series. Perhaps as a fan of the books one might not realize all the details that needs to happen to present a professional adaptation of this series. It is a good way to withstand the Droughtlander down time. A great read for those who wonder why it takes so long for the show to be presented. I couldn't put this book down. I was glad I pre-ordered it. Not only are there behind the scenes comments from the staff but the actors as well. I recommend this book to all the fans of the books. It's well worth the read.

  • Brad Wang - Cobb Tuning for 335I Coupe

    This product transforms your car into something unrecognizable! The extra power/torque easily overwhelms the chassis and I have the M Sport Package too! I highly recommend this product due to the ease of install and relatively modest price for amount of power gain. If you want something easy, simple with decent power gains this is the product to get. Other products are either too expensive (Dinan) or JB4 needs additional DIY know how but with added benefits however..... I'm not really a DIY guy so Cobb product is perfect for me.

  • Emily A. - NOT for severe reactions

    Like other reviewers, I got into some poison ivy which caused a severe reaction and was desperate enough after a few days to plop down $39 for this stuff. I used it twice in the same day before sucking it up and going to urgent care for a prednisone perscription (which worked wonders!).

  • oslord - Great results

    Was tough at first when I was sifting through what I could and couldn't eat, but once I got the hang of it, it was no problem!

  • lulees - lulees

    It is wonderful!!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a well balanced exercise program. I use the CD that came with the chair, and it gives me a good half-hour program daily. A worthwhile investment!!

  • Tiffany Yowell - Not for everyone! Hard work! Jump start for wt loss goals!

    It is a great jump starter on your wt loss goals. everyone wants a quick and easy fix. First off, this is not easy! It is hard to make meals for your family and then make yourself a shake. It is a commitment. You have to want to do it for it to work. I can say I bought the product when a family member had great results. I have lost 13 lbs and 14 inches. My clothes are fitting better And I am feeling more comfortable In my own skin. I was 183 lbs and now I am 170. I feel great.

  • Angelica Trujillo - I need help

    I got a question for some of you who have been using slow flow?did you see results right away when you used it?I'm asking cause on the bottle it give you a option to use it 3times a day durning your period or take one everyday.I have been taking one everyday and its been 5days I started my period.it doesn't seem and different....