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  • Pengus Krimbly - Album of the Millennium

    My whole life I thought I knew what good music was. Then I heard this and everything else turned to s***. This album is the epitome of top quality music.

  • Denali - Does the job, makes it easy

    I downloaded the software and did my taxes in less than an hour. Our taxes are pretty simple: pensions, social security, IRA withdrawals, two residences, no big medical bills. Since the app imported last year's return, there was virtually no data entry other than the numbers from our 1099s and tax bills. Well worth the $9.99 I paid for it.

  • D.S. - Works well on my 2015 Ecodiesel

    Fits perfect and serves its purpose. Seems that it will have no issues staying on as it is very secure. Not sure why Dodge just didn't include on to begin with.

  • Graveyard Bull - It stopped working, garbage OS and Console

    I was hopeful about the Steam machine OS and had some faith in Alienware. I've lost all of both. The operating system is just bad. It never could even keep track of the time. You have very few of your games available to play on it. the controller is unreponsive and feels terrible. the console stopped working and began blinking yellow after a couple weeks of light use. I'm glad I used Amazon and saved the boxes so I can ship this garbage back to the pile it came from.

  • Chantel - Have to have patience and be consistent for total results

    Well I can tell that my butt area was getting a little firm and fuller. But I wasn't consistent with the use, so my result wasn't visible to the eyes. Maybe if I kept the routine that I was doing then the result would have been permanent.

  • CustomerCritique - Never gets hot

    This never gets hot enough to cook anything. You have to let it warm up for 10 minutes just to use it. The warm feature doesn't keep things warm either. I am sorry I chose this one, and I will have to buy another one and stick this one in the trash where it belongs.