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  • https://www.flonaseprofessional.com/why-flonase/ FLONASE helps block 6 inflammatory allergic mediators - FLONASE® Allergy Relief—more complete nasal allergy relief than single-ingredient antihistamines; blocks 6 key inflammatory mediators in the allergic cascade.
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  • DEESEEZ - Whether you have thinning hair or not. This is the stuff!

    After only using this for 3 weeks I can absolutely see and feel the difference. My hair has never felt this thick and healthy. It is manageable and feels moisturized at all times but never greasy or weighed down. It’s like getting the ultimate upgrade for your hair. I also notice far less hair falling out in the shower which is where I normally notice it practically falling out by the handfuls. I’m not afraid to run my hands though it or run a comb though it anymore. I’m loving these results. I highly recommend this to anybody whether your hair is thinning or not.

  • Rachel L'Heureux - Vegan!

    Did you know that this product is vegan? It is! And it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Definitely a winner.

  • Amanda G - Works like described.

    Purchased this for my husband, he is a Joe Rogan fan and was telling me about a product that he talks about on his Podcast. I set out to find a similar product without the VERY hefty price tag. I received a change to review this and jumped at it. Hubby said that he thinks the product makes a difference in his cognitive ability. He likes it and will continue to take it.

  • leelijo - Waisted my money and time

    I have waisted my money and time.I had been using this comb for past 2 years....NO USE!!!Now I stopped to use that.I believe all the good reviews are written by the manufacture itself..please don't buy this..don't waist your money and time.

  • Hogan_62 - HAWAII FIVE-0 SEASON 5


  • Timothy Park - Great shampoo for thinning hair!

    I really like this shampoo. I've been using Nioxin's products for 6 months so far and I feel like my hair is more full. I wish there was a way to truly tell how well it's working but just from the look of things, it seems like my head of hair is thicker.

  • Dana - Best floss out there

    I am a dental hygienist and believe it or not I too HATE to floss. I decided to give this a try and I love it! You can see and feel the bacteria/plaque being removed when using this floss. It doesn't just slip around like waxed floss does it actually cleans the interproximal spaces really well. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to my patients.